With Comparably, ZoomInfo Gives Customers an Edge in Employer Branding

Welcome to the hottest talent market in generations. 

Experts estimate that demand for quality talent will outpace supply by 2030, causing a skilled labor shortage of 85.2 million people. That means finding and keeping talent — already a strategic focus for business leaders — is only going to get more expensive, more time-consuming, and more critical to success. 

The heightened competition has transformed compensation, benefits, and office perks from selling points to table stakes. To stand apart, top companies are now turning their focus to culture, values, and employer brand.

ZoomInfo’s acquisition of Comparably represents a pitch-perfect response to these changes. Comparably, a leading employee review website and the only platform showcasing workplace culture, salary and corporate brand reputation data, attracts more than 3 million people per month who rely on its comprehensive data about companies of all sizes. 

The combination of Comparably with ZoomInfo’s already formidable data and software tools gives talent leaders and companies of all sizes more powerful ways to activate their employer brand, helping to better influence prospects and convert candidates in their pipeline. 

“We greatly admire Zoominfo and their CEO, Henry Schuck” says Jason Nazar, CEO of Comparably. “We now have the opportunity together to solve the massive talent challenges all companies are facing, and build even stronger data, insight and intelligence solutions.”

Experts in Employer Branding

Comparably provides job-seekers with critical information they need to consider a new employer by surveying and collecting data about culture and compensation directly from verified employees. 

For employers, Comparably also provides employer branding, recruitment marketing, and brand intelligence tools that make it possible for them to take charge of their employer image. This suite of tools has become the chosen solution for Fortune 500 companies as well as hundreds of small and mid-market customers. 

Additionally, the results of Comparably’s Best Places to Work Awards are shared globally by major media outlets and seen by millions of people each year. 

“Millions of visitors come to our website to better understand company cultures, access salary data, and get employee insights. We’ve also built a popular set of software solutions to help companies enhance their employer brand and recruitment marketing,” Nazar says. 

Shared Goals, Now a Single Team

In the past year, demand for talent has accelerated like almost never before, making job-seekers more discerning and critical of potential employers. 

Savvy candidates want to work for great companies with strong leadership and are highly attuned to workplace culture, diversity, and employer values. Simply reaching out to these candidates is no longer enough — to succeed, employers need to showcase why their workplace is one that job seekers would be proud to join. 

“As a customer of Comparably, we have seen firsthand the benefits of focused effort on building a strong employer brand. It has accelerated our ability to hire, enabled us to meet aggressive growth goals, and helped us showcase why the best talent would want to work for us,” says Justin Withers, senior vice president of strategy at ZoomInfo. 

Customers have already come to rely on ZoomInfo to provide unique talent solutions based on high quality data. Acquiring Comparably dramatically enhances ZoomInfo’s ability to help every global organization find, hire and retain top talent.

TalentOS: The Future of Talent Attraction and Retention

Since its debut in June 2021, ZoomInfo’s RecruitingOS platform has been implemented by more than 1,000 companies and generated more than 50% revenue growth in the first quarter of 2022. By acquiring Comparably, ZoomInfo adds a direct stream of high-value proprietary company, employee and customer data to its world-class data and intelligence platform. 

With the addition of this data, ZoomInfo RecruitingOS has transformed into TalentOS, a superior talent platform that enriches the talent search experience for recruiters in three main ways:

1. Improved talent data

Comparably surveys hundreds of thousands of employees and job seekers every year about workplace culture, diversity, and salary. Some of that data will make its way directly into TalentOS and will be used to determine a potential candidate’s “Likely to Listen” score — a key ZoomInfo TalentOS datapoint that helps recruiters narrow talent pools to those most likely to make a move.

2. Better talent engagement tools 

Comparably’s employer branding content creation tools will be directly integrated into ZoomInfo Engage, enabling recruiters to leverage statistics, awards, testimonials, videos, and more in their talent sourcing efforts.

3. More targeted recruitment marketing

Insights from Comparably will also be leveraged in ZoomInfo Marketing to run targeted ad campaigns for specific roles. Combining the power of awareness-generating ads with website visitor insights has the potential to be a game-changer for HR and recruitment teams. 

Hire Top Talent by Using Employer Branding in Your Recruitment Strategy

Employer branding is now one of the most critical considerations in the modern recruitment process. ZoomInfo TalentOS makes it easier than ever to discover and connect with the right people for your team.