10 ‘Data Is Beautiful’ Posts From Reddit

In case you haven’t seen, there’s a deliciously data-driven subreddit called ‘Data Is Beautiful’. We couldn’t resist a chance to highlight these info-inspired posts, which any business professional can appreciate. 😉

Thanks for the #EyeCandy, Fellow Redditors! 👽 Enjoy…

1. The Impact of Smartphones on The Camera Industry

Credit: u/theimpossiblesalad

2. Best Selling Video Game Consoles 1977 – 2019

Credit: u/DataGrapha

3. Visualizing Ferrari’s 2018 Income Statement

Credit: u/chartr

4. Twitter Following Vs. Sales For Fast Food Chains

Credit: u/waitingforgoodoh

5. Frequency of Letters in English Words (and where they occur)

Credit: u/neilrkaye

6. Best Selling Fiction Books Of All Time

Credit: u/neilrkaye

7. Alcohol Purchasing By State

Credit: u/BoMcCready

8. Ingredients Co-appearance In One Million Recipes

Credit: u/imoutidi

9. Screen Time of Every Major Character in the Toy Story Franchise in Minutes

Credit: u/sseidl88

10. Why Do Sequels Get Such Good Ratings on Goodreads?

Credit: u/Evidently_21

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