Smarter Prospecting with AI: ZoomInfo Earnings Scoops

One of the key promises of generative AI for business is the ability to eliminate time-consuming, manual research and prospecting tasks for frontline go-to-market professionals.

But what do these time savings and productivity gains actually look like at scale?

What if every member of your sales team could do the kind of exhaustive, in-depth research done by the very best salespeople — or the firms with the largest pool of researchers? 

That’s exactly what ZoomInfo’s Earnings Scoops can provide.

Reading the Fine Print

In an ideal world, every sales development representative (SDR) would be combing through Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, such as the humble 10-K, for valuable insights into companies’ performance — insights that can be transformed into revenue, if the timing is right.

However, even exceptional salespeople rarely have time to read the fine print of a prospect’s latest 10-K, and for good reason. Although 10-Ks and similar filings may reveal more about a company’s performance and potential growth trajectory than either a year-end shareholder report or typical press release, they are also dense, lengthy documents that don’t lend themselves to a quick skim. 

With the average salesperson spending just 28% of their time selling, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, despite the benefits.

Earnings Scoops solves this problem and enables frontline GTM teams to glean invaluable insights that can be surfaced from SEC filings to gain a vital competitive edge.

ZoomInfo is leveraging generative AI to extract insights from SEC filings and earnings calls on a daily basis, highlighting companies’ growth opportunities, their current competition, goals, initiatives, and pain points, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and the greatest threats to their business. 

How It Works

Using Earnings Scoops, we were able to analyze the latest 10-K filing by a major security and authentication services provider to gain insights into that company’s challenges, opportunities, and potential growth trajectory.

In less than a minute, Earnings Scoops was able to produce an 800-word summary of information, sorted into high-level categories such as “Growth Opportunities,” “Goals,” and “Risks,” that would take even the most diligent salesperson hours to surface. For example:

  • This company is planning to build a security analytics offering on top of its vast login data, and is also considering further ways to monetize and leverage its data assets. This indicates upcoming investments in software development, data science, and marketing — along with competitive intelligence for competing providers.
  • Executives are planning to increase cross-sell opportunities and land-and-expand initiatives in key markets and verticals, and investment in their partner ecosystem. Existing or prospective partner companies could leverage this signal to proactively pitch their reach and engagement with key verticals to land a major investment.
  • Developer ecosystem growth is key for this company’s expansion, potentially giving it new ways to monetize its data and market share, and create innovative new applications with lower risk. Startups and smaller companies that excel in leveraging authentication data can seize on this signal to target internal influencers driving ecosystem investment.
  • Competition from much larger companies is a risk and profitability is not a key goal — this company has operated at a loss for some time, and sees that continuing. Good news if you’re a supplier: this company remains in growth mode as it tries to gain enough market share to ward off competitive pressures.

“If someone sells insurance, we’re going to find relevant insurance insights and earnings,” says Brandon Tucker, ZoomInfo’s VP of data strategy. “If someone sells to sales teams, we’re going to find relevant sales insights. Most importantly, the insights surfaced by Earnings Scoops are unique to each individual customer’s needs, pain points, and growth goals.” 

Currently, Earnings Scoops are available for more than 17,000 publicly traded companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Nasdaq, and dozens of other global stock exchanges. Data from other international exchanges, which have varying regulatory obligations and are not required to file with the SEC, is being sourced and collected by ZoomInfo’s dedicated research team to provide our customers with insights into international markets and opportunities overseas. 

Report summaries can be delivered via our Earnings Cube, a data-as-a-service product enabling customers to integrate that data within their own AI models or infrastructures, and will soon be available directly from the Scoops feature within the ZoomInfo platform. 

Securing Every Advantage

Today’s sales teams are operating under intense pressure. Growth goals and shareholder expectation are more ambitious than ever. Everyone from the greenest SDR to the most seasoned VP is feeling the pinch, which means it’s vital for businesses to do everything they can to empower their teams.

Earnings Scoops gives frontline go-to-market teams insights that can translate to significant revenue gains by ensuring prospects are seeing the right messaging at the moment they are most likely to act. 

It’s an exciting glimpse at the possibilities offered by AI technologies in B2B, and an example of how a trusted data partner can provide the innovative fuel to help skilled professionals sell smarter and win faster.