Announcing “Pretty Big Deal,” a Podcast by ZoomInfo

Sales professionals work hundreds and hundreds of deals every year. They handle everything from awkward cold calls to years-long negotiations. The job can be trying and repetitive — but when deals succeed, very rewarding. 

The biggest stars in pro sports have career-defining plays. Your favorite musician might have that one unforgettable song that made their career. And for most salespeople, there are a few deals that rise above the rest.

Those deals shape the salesperson. Not just how they approach their job, but how they think about leadership, expectations, and rewards. 

These formative stories hold a wealth of insight, and we want to share them. That’s why we made “Pretty Big Deal.” 

Each week, we ask one salesperson — whether they won but almost lost, struck out but almost scored, or tried to forget but never could — what moments in their career were a pretty big deal?

“Pretty Big Deal” is talking with everyone, from chief revenue officers to recently hired sales development reps. Anyone with a great sales story to share can tell it here. 

For ZoomInfo, empowering the sales rep of the future is core to our mission. As CEO Henry Schuck wrote in our IPO letter, “for sales and marketing professionals, hitting their number is an emotional, professionally defining and/or debilitating moment that comes at the end of every month, every quarter, and every year.” 

“Pretty Big Deal” is here to share the emotional, career-defining moments of the sales profession as it continues to evolve. 

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