AWS Marketplace + ZoomInfo: Integrated GTM Solutions in One Click

Through global uncertainty and economic turmoil, IT leaders are prioritizing efficient cloud solutions that can deliver results fast — and that means software providers need to lead with flexibility.

Nothing says flexibility like Amazon Web Services. More than 1 million active customers worldwide trust AWS with their most critical technology needs, from storage and computing to networking and machine learning. When their teams need to deploy leading software solutions, they turn to AWS Marketplace — which now includes ZoomInfo RevOS, a multiplatform operating system for revenue teams.

AWS customers can procure powerful ZoomInfo solutions, like SalesOS and OperationsOS, directly through their AWS account. Now, revenue teams can build the most accurate and complete view of their customers, identify total addressable markets, predict best-fit prospects, and activate the right go-to-market (GTM) motions to efficiently drive growth.

Easily Deploy the Best GTM Tools and Data

With ZoomInfo on AWS Marketplace, customers gain: 

Faster procurement: Purchasing ZoomInfo through AWS Marketplace can simplify procurement approvals by using AWS Marketplace private offers. 

Simplified billing: AWS customers receive a single, consolidated AWS invoice for all the purchases made through AWS Marketplace, with complete visibility over their spending and a hassle-free experience.

“We wanted to simplify our transaction process and meet our buyers where they research and invest in the most innovative software: Cloud marketplaces,” says Michelle Majeski, senior cloud alliance manager at ZoomInfo.

Customer benefits with dedicated AWS cloud spend commitments: AWS Marketplace purchases offer a variety of customer benefits, with the potential to count toward financial commitments under the terms of AWS customers’ cloud-spend commitments. 

“With ZoomInfo on AWS Marketplace, our customers can leverage our powerful data and tools, while maximizing their cloud investment strategies,” Majeski says.

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