Chorus Transcription Gets a Refresh

The ZoomInfo product team is excited to announce our latest update to our conversation intelligence platform, Chorus. Watch the following video for a quick summary of the newest features and read on for a more in-depth view.

Throughout 2021, we dedicated a great deal of time to transition our transcription engine to the next generation of AI (an end-to-end transformer model called wav2vec) to improve our transcription capabilities.

Just a few years ago, the conversation transcription process could take up to an hour to complete. In 2020, we reduced the time to transcribe down to three minutes — a huge upgrade. But we’ve been able to further improve our services. Now you can transcribe any length call in a matter of seconds. 

That’s not all we’re able to do with the wav2vec technology. Our transcriptions are more accurate than ever before. This AI enables us to use algorithms to identify participants, companies mentioned, and topics discussed. Additionally, we can send you a call report with all of this valuable information almost immediately.

We’re thrilled to announce this update. As a market leader in conversational intelligence we know how important accurate transcripts are to create great customer experiences. Another advantage of transitioning to wav2vec is that we’re set up to innovate and improve our product at a much faster rate. This makes us even more prepared to reach our 2022 goal of 10 million transcribed hours of calls.

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