Engage Prospects Faster with ZoomInfo Copilot Dialer

We built ZoomInfo Copilot to solve one of the biggest challenges facing go-to-market (GTM) teams today: connecting with prospects who are actively looking to buy, at the moment they’re ready to act. 

A majority of good-fit prospects simply aren’t in-market at any given moment. This means that a significant amount of a salesperson’s time, effort, and prep work aren’t going to result in a closed deal, no matter how skilled or knowledgeable they may be. 

That kind of inefficiency isn’t just a waste of time — it’s handing your competitors an edge. To secure the first-mover advantage that wins contracts and closes deals, salespeople have to meet prospects where they are, when they’re ready to commit. 

ZoomInfo Copilot Dialer makes that easier than ever.

In-Platform Prospecting with ZoomInfo Copilot Dialer

With Copilot Dialer, salespeople can immediately turn signals into action by dialing high-value prospects directly from the ZoomInfo platform.

Sellers can act on Copilot’s AI-powered prospect recommendations without picking up the phone or switching to another application. They can call directly from contact or company listings, advanced searches, or even their Copilot homepage. 

Call recordings, voicemails, and two-party consent notifications can all be managed within Copilot, and all calls made using Copilot Dialer are from US-based VoIP numbers. 

Seamless In-App Dialing Across ZoomInfo Sales

After a Copilot Dialer call is complete, users can analyze the call to assess its qualities, such as recipient sentiment to the call and how the prospect responded to certain questions. Users can add text notes for further context. 

Beyond one-click calling, Copilot Dialer allows companies to consolidate their tech stack by eliminating costly third-party tools, simplify sales team workflows, and reach more contacts at the precise moment they’re ready to engage with sellers.

Our extensive research with customers shows that sales development reps who use ZoomInfo already save an average of 13 hours every week. ZoomInfo Copilot Dialer offers even greater productivity gains by eliminating the disruption of context-switching between apps and tools during prospecting — the “toggle tax” that costs businesses as much as five working weeks in lost productivity every year.

ZoomInfo Copilot: The Future of Smarter Prospecting

Our unbeatable combination of B2B data and cutting-edge buying signals, combined with the power and intelligence of Copilot, puts millions of key decision-makers within reach of your sales team, all in one platform. 

Copilot gives sales professionals everywhere the built-in advantages of the very best sellers, allowing reps to unlock insights about high-value customers, engage prospects more effectively, and drive more revenue. 

With Copilot Dialer, we’ve removed another barrier between today’s salespeople and the prospects who are researching products and solutions like theirs, at the precise moment they’re ready to buy. 

Dialer is now available to all ZoomInfo Copilot users. Try ZoomInfo Copilot for yourself today and see how much faster and easier prospecting can be.