The Future of Go-to-Market AI: Introducing ZoomInfo Copilot

Since I founded ZoomInfo 17 years ago, I’ve had a clear vision of how data and technology could help sales professionals everywhere realize their true potential. 

A world where every seller has the tools, tactics and connections that were once held hostage by old-school gatekeeping. Where every sales team could compete on an even playing field, and a successful sales career could change your life.

For the last 17 years, I’ve woken up early and left late to build an amazing company on an unmatched foundation of B2B data. But in today’s go-to-market environment, data isn’t enough. Modern sales is becoming a science. It’s not enough to know who your buyer is — you need to know what they care about, exactly when they are in the market, and what problems they’re facing right now.

And this information is out there in the form of digital buying signals. The contradiction is that we have more information than ever about our buyers, but it’s been really hard to make sense of it. 

We built ZoomInfo Copilot to change that — to surface these insights automatically for salespeople and save them countless hours spent searching for them. Copilot turns ZoomInfo from a contact lookup tool into a platform that surfaces the key insights sellers need to take action against each day.

What is ZoomInfo Copilot?

ZoomInfo Copilot is a new version of our platform that applies AI to ZoomInfo’s world-leading B2B data, helping sales professionals close more deals, in less time, with less effort. Copilot leverages AI to reveal the most relevant buying signals — intent spikes, key hires and personnel moves, insights from our partner ecosystem, and the B2B company and contact data ZoomInfo is known for — and recommends specific actions salespeople should take.

Rather than simply enabling sellers and marketers to pull data from our platform, ZoomInfo Copilot pushes insights and actions to your team’s fingertips, teeing up the right outreach for the most qualified leads at precisely the right moment.

Imagine if the best salespeople in the world could spend weeks coaching your frontline sellers — sharing their secrets for finding the best-fit accounts in seconds, writing persuasive, personalized emails that convert, and coaching sellers on how to win their most important calls and pitch meetings?

That’s exactly what ZoomInfo Copilot can do.

If the original ZoomInfo platform was the world’s best roadmap to higher revenue, ZoomInfo Copilot is a luxury, chauffeur-driven journey, giving salespeople a uniquely customized, guided experience based on their accounts, their targets, and their company’s objectives.

ZoomInfo Copilot: Delivering AI-Driven Insights

Here’s how it works. ZoomInfo Copilot users are sent real-time insights with AI-powered recommendations for their top opportunities, eliminating ambiguity about which leads to prioritize and pursue. Context links take users directly to the relevant action, and allow salespeople to work in a focused, directed manner at their own pace.

ZoomInfo Copilot also allows salespeople to seize time-sensitive opportunities in real time with Breaking Alerts delivered through Slack. These alerts can be shared across multiple channels, allowing teams to quickly triage emerging opportunities and act decisively on high-quality intent signals.

Marketers can access a ranked and prioritized list of the companies and buyers in-market, based on millions of signals analyzed and prioritized by ZoomInfo Copilot’s AI every day, directly from the homepage feed.

ZoomInfo Copilot’s intelligent recommendations are presented in the language of today’s sellers to make taking action as easy and intuitive as possible. Users can explore each opportunity in more depth, and engage with those opportunities directly from the Homepage Feed.

During its extensive beta, ZoomInfo Copilot successfully predicted nearly half of beta users’ existing pipeline, with 45% of the open opportunities in customer CRMs matching Copilot signals recommending them to engage.

On average, beta users created almost twice as many sales opportunities compared to non-users in the same roles and companies, and reduced their time spent on account research and manual tasks by 10 hours per week.

Beyond specific target accounts, Copilot offers intelligent outreach recommendations based on your CRM data and ZoomInfo’s unrivaled B2B data and intelligence, identifying prospects you may otherwise have missed.

Users can fine-tune these suggestions by adding or dismissing individual opportunities to train the model further for even more accurate recommendations over time.

ZoomInfo Copilot integrates seamlessly with industry-standard CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot, and gives ops teams real-time visibility into account activity and usage data.

Profile the Right Decision-Makers with Buying Groups

Many companies struggle to prospect effectively because they simply don’t know where to begin. ZoomInfo Copilot’s Buying Groups eliminate this uncertainty by engaging the right decision-makers from the very first touchpoint.

ZoomInfo Copilot can create buying groups of individuals who are most likely to engage and that align with their ideal customer profiles, decreasing time from lead to close and ensuring frontline sellers are engaging the right contacts at the right time. Buying groups are created by ZoomInfo Copilot’s powerful AI based on corporate websites, case studies, first-party CRM data, and many other data sources. 

Faster Insights with Account Summaries

ZoomInfo Copilot’s detailed AI-powered Account Summaries help frontline customer-facing teams prepare for any customer interaction quickly by offering rich summaries of specific accounts.

Copilot aggregates first- and third-party data to provide users with detailed overviews of specific accounts, including pain points and use-cases, upcoming deals, important contacts, a summary of previous engagements, earnings call summaries, and more. 

This gives frontline teams a deeper understanding of prospective customers’ challenges quickly, saving precious time and giving prospects a rewarding experience — on average, Copilot users tell us they save 10 hours per week by automating manual tasks.

Get Answers at the Speed of AI with Copilot Chat

The world of modern GTM moves incredibly quickly, and sellers don’t always have the luxury of time when searching for answers. In those situations, ZoomInfo Copilot Chat provides the information sellers need, exactly when they need it.

Leveraging ZoomInfo Copilot’s summary data, Chat can answer specific questions about a given account, giving users the answers they need quickly using conversational AI. Users can request answers on a range of account-level topics, such as pain points, previous engagements, and potential contacts, to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Personalize Outreach at Scale with AI Email Generator

ZoomInfo Copilot’s AI Email Generator allows users to quickly craft targeted, personalized emails at scale. 

Emails created using the AI Email Generator can be adjusted for tone and length, giving users the ability to quickly personalize emails for a range of audiences in a fraction of the time.

ZoomInfo Copilot’s beta customers are already seeing remarkable results — in surveys, our beta users reported saving an average of 10 hours a week on research and other manual tasks, and said they were 60% more productive with ZoomInfo Copilot.

Building the Future of GTM, Today

ZoomInfo Copilot represents an exciting new chapter in the future of GTM — one that gives professionals the tools, data, and insights they need to create almost double the sales opportunities, deliver superior experiences and real value for their customers, and thrive in today’s uncertain environment.

We’ve already seen remarkable results from more than 20,000 users across 500 companies during our extensive beta, and we can’t wait to see how even more companies use ZoomInfo Copilot to unlock insights, engage customers, and win faster.