Web form submission fast follow-up

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Responding quickly to inbound inquiries will dramatically increase your chances of success. A recent study showed conversion rates are eight times higher when salespeople place their first call within five minutes of getting a lead.

When a website visitor researches a project management solution and fills out a web form for a product demo, the assigned SDR should receive an automated alert and contact the prospect immediately. If they can’t reach the prospect, they should leave a voicemail and add the prospect to a follow-up email sequence requesting a call.


  • Web form submission
  • Prospect has immediate interest about a product


  • Call prospect within five minutes of form submission
  • If the lead doesn’t answer, leave a voicemail and call again at set intervals, in addition to emailing the prospect
  • If an SDR is busy when a form submission comes in, the rep should route the request to another SDR
  • Append prospect with mobile phone, company information, and additional buying committee

“When we get back to a lead in under 90 seconds, it exponentially increases the likelihood of us converting that lead.”

Henry Schuck, CEO and Founder, ZoomInfo