What’s New: Chorus Mobile App, ZoomInfo Chat and OperationsOS 

Another month means another exciting round of updates from ZoomInfo, where we’ve been hard at work delivering product updates across sales, marketing, and operations to help you more effectively hit your number.

Chorus Mobile App

Our conversational intelligence platform, Chorus, is getting more powerful for sellers on the go. 

We’ve launched a reimagined mobile app to give you a better experience and provide easier access to all of your calls. With a new podcast-style interface, you can search through previous calls, skip ahead and pin key moments, tag coworkers, and use hashtags to create filters. These added features allow you to manage your calls, even when you’re away from your normal workspace. 

The all-new Chorus app can be found in the Apple App store or Google Play.


You can create an even more personalized buyer experience with ZoomInfo Chat with our added buyer insights. 

Now, when someone sends you a chat, you can see their buying committee in your Chat inbox and know if there are additional people who need to be looped in. You can also build conversation flows based on industries. These new product features help you engage and tailor your chats to create and inform better conversations.


Our OperationsOS updates include two new features: contact data brick and dynamic account teams. 

With contact data brick, you’ll get easy access to your total addressable market data, along with a seamless integration into systems like Snowflake, Google BigQuery and Amazon S3. Now you can run large-scale marketing campaigns without a hitch.

Our dynamic account teams update now allows Salesforce users to define groups of people who work together on an account, and associate these teams with Route Workflows. You can define a role for each new account team member, set record-level access individually, and view teams in List Views. With this functionality, Salesforce users can create custom account teams to streamline the selling process.

We hope these features help you connect with your customers and prospects in new and more engaging ways. Check back next month for another look at What’s New at ZoomInfo.