What’s New: Engage Gmail Plug-In and OperationsOS Integration

We’ve got more updates to share from the ZoomInfo platform, and we’re especially excited about the new releases from OperationsOS and Engage. Let’s walk through the new features and integrations that can help you hit your number. 


The new Gmail plug-in for Engage, ZoomInfo’s sales automation tool, allows you to access Engage’s email templates and variables directly from your Gmail inbox, as well as track Gmail activity in Engage and other connected CRMs.

Now, busy sales reps can work directly from their inboxes, without spending precious minutes toggling between Gmail, Engage and their CRM — reclaiming time that can be better spent on making connections and reaching goals.


OperationsOS has an exciting new integration with Google BigQuery, the enterprise data warehouse. Now you can access all of your ZoomInfo data and intelligence directly within BigQuery. This means that you’ll not only be able to get go-to-market insights faster, but eliminate the cumbersome B2B data ingestion process.

Additionally, we’re launching our new Enterprise Territory Management feature through our Route offering. This will allow sales operations to save time and resources by reusing Salesforce Territory Models to auto-populate territory rules and assigned users at scale. You can use territory models for any standard or custom object beyond just accounts, including contacts, leads, and opportunities. 

And sales engagement and automation runs well when it’s powered by solid data. We spell out the recipe for building a high performing GTM database in this whitepaper. Check it out so you can make the most of this update.

Our team is always working hard to bring you new features to keep you at the top of your game. Check back next month for another look at What’s New at ZoomInfo.