What’s New: Enhance, Chorus Integration, and Page-Level Intent

Our most recent product updates span our recruiting, marketing and sales platforms to make sure you’re well-equipped to hit your number, wherever you sit in your company. 

We’re diving into the latest and greatest from ZoomInfo in the video below, and read on for a more in-depth look at some of our newest features and updates.

ZoomInfo Talent

Customers using Enhance to append ZoomInfo Talent data to outdated or incomplete sourcing lists now have insights into what data and how much data was added to each list upload. This report lets recruiters know how many credits are being used when enhancing a list and how much data was added, so recruiters can confidently use Enhance lists when reaching out to candidates. 

Some of the newly available metrics on the Enhance dashboard include:

  • Data points added
  • Percentage of data before Enhance
  • Percentage of data after Enhance
  • Status
  • Credit cost
  • Match rate
  • Completeness score

Recruiters can also save time by creating a Project during a candidate search without having to navigate to the Projects page. Recruiters can conduct a full candidate search and add certain candidates to the Select stage of a Project, giving users a more robust and accurate list of candidates to reach out to. 


We’ve launched a new integration between Chorus and YouCanBook.Me, an online scheduling service. 

You can now join calls scheduled through YouCanBook.Me and still have access to all of Chorus’ great features, like transcription and call analysis. 

There are also multiple new languages for transcription that Chorus users can set as default to transcribe calls or re-process a recording.

Chorus now supports the following languages for transcription:

  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

ZoomInfo Marketing

Websights Page-Level Intent now gives you a better grasp of the buying intent of accounts you want to target with advertising campaigns. This will allow ZoomInfo Marketing users to more effectively run campaigns and target the right audiences.

With Page-Level Intent in WebSights, users can:

  • Mark which pages on their website indicate high, medium, or low visitor buying intent
  • Set and refine their IMS score
  • Create audiences containing targeted intent values
  • Get the right companies in the right campaigns at the right time 

As we continue to improve ZoomInfo’s platform, you can find all our major updates and features in our What’s New at ZoomInfo video series.