What’s the Scoop? July 25, 2022

The Scoops are tasty this week, folks.

If you’re not familiar with ZoomInfo’s Scoops, they consist of actionable insights that your sales, marketing, and recruiting teams can use to improve their workflows and increase revenue. They’re aggregated inside our platform from various sources including customer surveys, our in-house researchers, and web crawlers. They cover everything from private company funding rounds, to layoff announcements to lawsuits. With easy filters and constant updates, you can sort through thousands of companies to find those that are ready for your outreach. 

Let’s dive in to this week’s highlights:

  1. Layoffs Abound
    Another week, another round of layoffs from major companies. This week’s list includes Wells Fargo, Oracle, Microsoft, and loanDepot. The tally of disclosed headcount lost is nearly 7,000. Oracle hasn’t released a number but is looking to cut $1B in cost, likely totaling thousands of jobs lost. On the other hand, Twitter continues to restructure their operations, but say they will avoid mass layoffs.
  2. Where’s the money?

In the two weeks since our last Scoops article was published:

  • 182 companies have gone through a series A-H funding round
  • 2,670 companies have announced an executive move
  • 828 companies have announced facility relocations or expansions
  • 936 companies have announced plans to be acquired or acquire another company
  1. Starbucks new strategy
    Starbucks is closing 16 stores across several major cities, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Seattle, due to safety concerns for workers and customers. After company executives read through incident reports filed by employees, they sent a memo to their staff regarding ongoing issues in their local communities and changes they’d be making to operations.
  2. It’s a big — I mean Uber — deal
    Uber is facing a civil lawsuit filed on behalf of survivors of kidnapping and sexual assault from Uber drivers, accusing the company of inaction on improving rider safety. This comes one month after Uber released its second U.S. Safety Report, in which it stated that there were just shy of 1000 sexual assault incidents, including 141 rape reports, in 2020 alone.

    The lawsuit claims that Uber had prioritized growth over customer safety, and didn’t vet all drivers with proper background checks. It also calls out Uber’s policy that they will not report any criminal activity – even assaults and rape – to law-enforcement authorities.
  3. Sayonara, Salad-Slinging Sally
    DoorDash has announced plans to halt operations and shut down its subsidiaries, Chowbotics, on August 31, 2022. DoorDash acquired the robotics company — best known for Sally the salad-slinging robot — in February 2021.

    This decision comes on the back of the creation of DoorDash Labs, an AI and automation division, so it’s likely a play to reduce redundancies within the company. Sally also failed to meet internal quality standards, so it may be best to push her away from the salad bar sooner than later. 

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