What’s the Scoop? July 8, 2022

It’s the start of a new quarter, and that means a clean slate for your sales quota. We’ve rounded up some Scoops from our platform to help you hit your number. 

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Whether you’re looking for a startup that needs new email marketing software or a Fortune 500 company that’s recently acquired a compliance agency, you can easily sort and filter to find the information you need with ZoomInfo. You can even add email alerts that tell you when similar Scoops surface so that you’re always a step ahead. 

Here are the Scoops that caught our eye this week: 

  1. COVID testing closure
    has closed its in-house COVID testing center as coronavirus rates wane among employees. The center has been open since 2020, and at one point, was testing over 700 employees per hour. 
  2. A bit too sweet
    Kellogg Co. lost a legal battle to block upcoming anti-obesity measures in England that would ban the promotion of sugary cereals. The company argued the regulations don’t take into account the nutritional value of milk that’s added to cereal.
  3. An unpleasant stay
    Marriott, one of the world’s biggest hotel chains, has confirmed a data breach that has potentially exposed sensitive guest and employee information after someone accessed an employee’s computer. The breach took place last month, and the hotel will be notifying those who were potentially affected.
  4. An Apple a day, not in the UK
    Apple is facing a $1.83 billion class action lawsuit in the UK over claims the company exploited its market dominance and charged too much commission on app sales. Apple has also faced recent litigation in the UK over iPhone performance throttling. 
  5. Crypto casualty
    , a crypto-asset broker, has filed for bankruptcy. This follows an announcement last week that they would be temporarily suspending market operations on its investment platform.
  6. Bad ads
    Facebook has announced a settlement with the Justice Department over allegations that it allowed landlords and home sellers to run housing ads that excluded people based on their race, sex, religion, and other characteristics. As part of the settlement, the platform will shut down its Special Ad Audiences tool for housing, employment, and credit ads.
  7. Cheers to Toast
    Toast, the digital technology platform for restaurants, has acquired Sling, an employee scheduling system. Toast says the deal helps solidify it as an all-in-one platform for restaurants. 
  8. Cars of the future
    Aurora Labs, an AI-driven automotive software development company, has secured $63 million in Series C funding. The round was led by investor Moore Strategic Ventures, with participation from Porsche.
  9. Copy that
    Xerox has acquired Go Inspire, a UK-based print and digital marketing services provider. They are looking to grow their global digital services presence throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  10. Shifting supervisors
    There have been 246 executive move announcements at Fortune 500 companies since our last Scoops article was published.

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