ZoomInfo and TrustRadius: Better Intent Data, Better Results

Many marketers and frontline salespeople are turning to real-time intent data as a competitive edge in their pursuit of strong leads and motivated buyers.

Having a sophisticated range of intent data available from a single source of truth can be a powerful advantage. That’s why ZoomInfo is delighted to announce that TrustRadius, a leading software buyer intelligence platform, is now fully integrated into ZoomInfo Sales.

ZoomInfo and TrustRadius: Connecting Intent to Individuals

Intent data is becoming increasingly important to frontline GTM teams because it’s one of the strongest possible indicators that a prospect is ready to buy now

ZoomInfo’s TrustRadius integration offers marketers and salespeople accurate, real-time downstream intent data matched to the unique B2B company profiles in ZoomInfo Sales. 

By accessing TrustRadius intent data within ZoomInfo Sales, marketers and frontline salespeople can see precisely which pages prospects and existing customers are viewing, cross-referenced with your CRM data. 

For example, prospects viewing pricing or product TrustRadius pages are likely to be strong leads, whereas existing customers viewing those pages may indicate potential churn risk. Distinguishing between the two allows reps to proactively prioritize at-risk accounts as well as new opportunities. This activity can then be mapped to specific individuals in your CRM, allowing targeted outreach at critical moments, all within ZoomInfo.

Better Data, Smarter Campaigns, More Effective Outreach

ZoomInfo customers are already finding ways to leverage TrustRadius data in their campaigns. 

Marketers can create targeted, bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns focused on accounts looking up their brand on TrustRadius. Salespeople hoping to engage with accounts that are actively researching specific solutions and comparing companies on TrustRadius can now do so directly within ZoomInfo Sales. 

Frontline teams can also find accounts and contacts by Buyer Intent signal type, allowing users to identify specific decision-makers at accounts that have demonstrated intent on TrustRadius based on competitor views, profile visits, ad placements, and more.

“Before the TrustRadius integration existed in ZoomInfo, our team pulled TrustRadius data and manually hunted down contacts for companies showing interest in our products,” says Sinehan Kerman, senior director of global revenue operations at Treasury Intelligence Solutions. “Now, I can set up saved searches to eliminate this manual work, allowing our team to spend more time with prospects and customers.”

Focus your time and effort on the accounts that are most likely to convert, and create target lists of prospects researching your competitors’ products or your category on TrustRadius. Request a demo to see how ZoomInfo can help you unlock greater insights, engage customers more effectively, and win faster. 

Learn more about the TrustRadius integration in the ZoomInfo Marketplace.