ZoomInfo + Chorus Upgrades: Deal Visibility, Data Accuracy

As anyone who works at ZoomInfo will tell you, we move fast and with purpose. So it’s no surprise that less than two months after acquiring Chorus, a conversation intelligence platform, we worked quickly to upgrade the integration between the products. 

These upgrades focus on three areas:

  • Easier access to Chorus’ Momentum Insights feature
  • Automatic transcription of calls from ZoomInfo Engage
  • More accurate data feeding into Chorus 

The integrations help revenue teams develop stronger prospect and customer relationships, make better decisions, and win more business. 

More Time to Gather Insights

Conversation intelligence provides reps with a deeper understanding of sales calls by recording, transcribing, and analyzing these meetings to deliver AI-based insights. For example, reps can watch for keywords in conversations that historically indicate a prospect is more likely to buy, while sales managers can better coach their teams by reviewing call trends.

By combining Chorus’ features with ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data and automated workflows, conversation intelligence can scale companywide and add rocket fuel to go-to-market strategies.

Research firm Forrester found that 57 percent of B2B sales leaders intended to invest more on AI and automation tools in 2021. With the help of this technology, “sellers will have the time and space to conduct deeper customer research, cull insights from data, and orchestrate more meaningful interactions with their buyers,” Forrester analyst Mary Shea wrote.

Let’s look in more detail at the upgrades we’ve made to the ZoomInfo + Chorus integration.

Easier Access to Momentum Insights

According to Chorus research, 57 percent of sales reps don’t forecast their pipeline correctly. That lack of data can lead to missed quotas and derailed company revenue.

One key to improving those forecasts? An accurate sense of your deal momentum — the speed at which you check off sales process milestones.

Chorus’ Momentum Insights feature provides reps greater visibility of their overall pipeline and individual relationships across deals and accounts, letting them quickly pinpoint whether they have the right momentum to move forward. 

As part of our integration upgrade, Momentum Insights is now available on ZoomInfo’s company and contacts pages via the Chorus tab. Customers now can conveniently view this critical account relationship information directly in the ZoomInfo platform.

Screenshot of ZoomInfo + Chorus integration.
Momentum Insights now opens up in the ZoomInfo platform under the Chorus tab. This screenshot shows Chorus’ account.

Transcription of Engage Calls by Chorus

ZoomInfo Engage is our sales engagement platform that features an automated sales dialer.

When customers of Engage and Chorus use the dialer within Salesforce, recordings are stored in Salesforce and automatically sent to Chorus for call transcription and analysis. With a two-click integration, reps who use the Engage dialer can gain helpful insight from Chorus about prospect calls.

Screenshot showing ZoomInfo + Engage integration.
Engage calls are now transcribed by Chorus.

More Accurate Data Feeding into Chorus 

Previously, Chorus received B2B data from Clearbit. Naturally, we swapped out data sources after ZoomInfo acquired Chorus, and the improvement for customers is notable.

The switchover resulted in Chorus having 33 percent higher data precision, which means more accurate information for reps to act on. Chorus users will also enjoy 10 times faster loading for data records, from 1.5 seconds down to 150 milliseconds. As any sales professional knows, seconds truly do count.

Increase Your Pipeline’s Health

Bringing Chorus’ capabilities into the ZoomInfo suite offers a powerful tag team of sales conversation insights and B2B intelligence. For sales teams, this combination builds pipelines at scale. 

Our new upgrades to the ZoomInfo + Chorus integration provide greater visibility into account progress and increased speed to help close deals.

If you haven’t checked out the benefits of ZoomInfo + Chorus, now is a great time to do so. Don’t let your pipeline falter when there are tools to make your sales process run smoother.