Less Searching, More Selling: ZoomInfo Copilot’s AI Account Prioritization

For sales teams, finding the right accounts to target is both critical for success and annoyingly tedious. 

ZoomInfo Copilot’s AI Account Prioritization feature addresses this challenge head-on, delivering the most relevant accounts directly to sales teams, enabling them to spend more time building relationships and closing deals.

Cutting Through the Noise With Key Data Points

ZoomInfo Copilot’s AI Account Prioritization feature works by spotlighting the accounts that matter most to each individual seller. With ZoomInfo’s extensive database of company and contact information, alongside the seller’s own data, Copilot gets to work creating a customized list of high-priority accounts tailored to each user’s specific needs and preferences.

But it doesn’t do this without making sure its recommendations are based on a thorough understanding of each account’s potential value. This data-driven approach removes guesswork, giving sellers the confidence to engage with the right accounts at the right time.

A variety of key data points ensure only the most relevant accounts are highlighted, including: 

  • Firmographic Data: Company size, industry, location, and more
  • Technographic Data: Technologies used by the account
  • Intent Data: Signals indicating an account’s readiness to buy
  • Engagement Data: Previous interactions with the account

Surface Best-Fit Accounts With Plenty of Context

In addition to providing a list of high-priority accounts, ZoomInfo Copilot generates natural language explanations for each recommendation. 

These explanations give sellers the context — what they’d need and want to know about an account — to understand why an account has been prioritized. This allows them to tailor their outreach and engagement strategies accordingly.

For example, an explanation might tell you that “Acme Corp. has been prioritized based on their recent search activity related to your product category, their company size which aligns with your ideal customer profile, and their recent funding round indicating potential for growth and investment in new solutions.”

AI Account Prioritization integrates seamlessly with ZoomInfo Sales, allowing sellers to access prioritized accounts directly within their existing workflows. Sellers can forget about switching between multiple tools or platforms to act on recommendations.

Less Time Searching, More Time Selling

By using the power of AI and ZoomInfo’s extensive B2B database, Copilot’s AI Account Prioritization helps sales teams focus on the accounts that are most likely to convert. 

This feature saves time and makes selling more effective by giving sellers the insights they need to engage with the right accounts at the right time. With AI Account Prioritization, every seller can become a top performer, driving increased revenue and business growth.