What’s New: Brand Presence, WebSights, Enrich Premium+, Email Sync

It’s time for another product update roundup, where we tell you what’s new within the ZoomInfo platform and how these features help you do your job more efficiently. This update includes features within our MarketingOS, OperationsOS, and Chorus platforms. 


Many companies operate multiple LinkedIn accounts, giving them more flexibility to represent multiple brands and services.

Our latest update to MarketingOS lets users connect multiple LinkedIn accounts to a single instance. This gives you the ability to push a target audience to a relevant LinkedIn account and connect with multiple ad management accounts. 

Admins will find this feature in the Admin Portal. Select one or more LinkedIn accounts to connect, and sync audiences to the account by creating a campaign.

Additionally, we’ve improved our WebSights feature to make filtering by visitor office locations even easier. On the WebSights Analytics tab, the Visitor’s Office Location column now includes a link to view additional visitor details. If there are multiple locations, you can easily see where each unique website visit is coming from.


We’ve launched a new package called Enrich Premium+ within our OperationsOS platform. It includes a new feature, called Discover, that gives you access to brand data and greater activation opportunities through a direct connection to ZoomInfo data within the RingLead application.

Our current Essential and Premium packages focus on giving users a codeless way to manage their go-to-market data. While these packages increase data quality by enriching your existing data, the addition of Enrich Premium+ will give users the most complete and consistent view of their customer base and allow them to uncover brand new avenues for outreach. 

Discover is made up of three main components: 

  1. Search: Search through the ZoomInfo data cloud for contacts and companies that fit your Ideal Customer Profile. Then export a list of the companies you discovered into your CRM, or other marketing automation software, to fill in any gaps in your data.
  1. Discover Related: Find brand new contacts and companies that are related to your existing records. 
  1. Events: Monitor changes that happen in your data even after it has been enriched. For example, you can track when your target accounts receive additional funding, and automatically send a Slack or email to your sales team.


Users can now link their emails within Chorus settings, and customers who use Office 365 can also connect their 365 email clients to Chorus. This update eliminates the need for individual users to login to both their emails and the Chorus platform.

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