Enterprise APIs: Funnel Fresh Business Data Directly Into Your Tech Stack

Go-to-market (GTM) teams rely on accurate business data to prioritize, engage, and serve their customers to the fullest. But unreliable data spread across siloed, disconnected systems too often impedes a team’s ability to achieve its revenue goals.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) make it easy to connect revenue teams with high-quality data across multiple systems. An enterprise API strategy can transform your data management system for better GTM sales motions, targeted outreach, and success. But APIs are only as good as the quality of information they process and provide. That’s the value of ZoomInfo’s Enterprise API technology.

ZoomInfo APIs automatically move our B2B data and intelligence directly into the systems and tools that our customers use every day — like a CRM, marketing automation platform, and sales engagement system. 

Our comprehensive data helps organizations fill in contact and company records, company attributes, corporate hierarchies, funding details, technologies used, news alerts, scoops, and more. Such data is foundational for optimizing key go-to-market functions like campaign list building, segmenting, prospecting, lead routing, scoring, and territory alignment.

Here are a few successful examples of APIs delivering for ZoomInfo customers.

APIs for Sales

For B2B sales teams, narrowing in and prioritizing accounts is a critical first step. At cybersecurity company Red Sift, sales leaders weren’t sure which companies to prospect, as their products were relevant to a wide range of business types and industries. The sales team wanted to lean into data and AI to automate the process of finding their next best-fit accounts.

The company began using ZoomInfo’s Enterprise API to search and enrich data within their automated data prep, orchestration and routing layer to surface the most relevant accounts and contacts to reps in Salesforce. As a result, Red Sift’s sales team accesses reliable data to easily prioritize the right companies to prospect, which has led to increased productivity.

APIs for Marketing

ZoomInfo’s WebSights API can identify anonymous website traffic by resolving IP addresses into company information, ISP profiles, and IP geolocation details. 

“Say someone comes to your website and you capture their IP, but you’re not necessarily sure who that person is,” says Steve Kerr, senior client integration engineer at ZoomInfo. “You could apply that IP address to our WebSights API and it will tell you exactly what organization they are working for.”

WebSights API is incredibly valuable to marketing teams. “If someone from a particular company makes five visits to a pricing page, [you can] grab a handful of contacts and deploy them for a digital ad campaign. Let’s also drop some folks into a brand awareness campaign and into our marketing automation system,” says Ryan Smith, solutions architect at ZoomInfo.

Customers with ZoomInfo Enterprise API can access the API’s endpoints to search for, enrich, and export records to their integrated applications. They can configure a feature called Webhooks to automate the updating of records, listen for events a company subscribes to, and send updates securely to the application. This makes it possible for marketing teams to continually manage the records they’ve purchased without manual interaction.

Another beneficial API for marketing is our Compliance API. Companies today must have clear processes in place to meet the data privacy requirements of GDPR and CCPA. If a customer requests to unsubscribe from your service, most privacy regulations require all instances of an individual to be removed from your database. The Compliance API determines where the user is physically located and excludes all known aliases when a user requests to be unsubscribed from your distribution list, helping marketing teams maintain privacy compliance across their martech stack.

For example, say John Doe requests to have his information removed from your database. You may not realize that multiple email addresses in your database — johndoe@acme.com, jdoe@acme.com, and jdoe53@gmail.com — all belong to the same person. ZoomInfo’s Compliance API will make this connection and remove those email addresses from your database. This decreases the risk of potentially storing data that an individual, in this case John Doe, requested to have removed.

APIs for Data Teams

ZoomInfo’s Bulk API solution offers a set of endpoints for bulk search and redeem capabilities for contact and company information. Search and retrieval of key data can be executed at scale in large data sets through asynchronous batch processes.

“A user could leverage our bulk company enrich endpoint via batch processing to enrich all their company records to certify they have the most accurate information when engaging their client base further,” Smith says. “You additionally could extend this same logic to enrich strategic Contacts across these organizations, as well through our Bulk Contact Enrich endpoint.”

ZoomInfo APIs also enhance overall data quality

Kerr says, “If a data team has preexisting data, they can check it against the ZoomInfo Enterprise API to see if it’s up to date. If it’s not, it’ll return up-to-date information for the contacts or companies you’re targeting. From a hygiene perspective, it drives more accurate data, and more breadth and depth, to make sure that they have the latest and greatest data.”

APIs for Recruiters

ZoomInfo APIs can also be used in recruiting to identify and engage better job candidates. Recruiters can set up a query for people in a certain geographic location, that work in a particular industry, with a certain annual revenue, and the API will return candidates that match those parameters.

“With that information, you can start to prospect and see if they’re in the market for a new job or to change roles,” Kerr says. “The nice thing about the API is that we have really robust queries that you can build out to find very specific contacts that fit those criteria.”

Better Data Exactly Where You Need It With ZoomInfo’s Enterprise API

ZoomInfo APIs offer customers in-depth access to ZoomInfo’s world-class B2B data and intelligence for any system or workflow. Teams across sales, marketing, data analytics, and recruiting will have the information they need to improve prospecting, lead routing, and campaign list building to drive go-to-market success.

For more information, explore ZoomInfo Data as a Service.