Identify candidates who might be ready to make a move

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You want to send personalized emails to candidates to increase your contact rate. A good way to build custom email lists is to perform research on the companies where potential candidates currently work. However, it’s very time-consuming. 


You want to increase your contact rate with prospective candidates without spending too much time on researching companies at scale. 


  • Create a search for your ideal candidate profile using ZoomInfo TalentOS based on job title, industry, experience, and other criteria.
  • Apply the ‘Scoops’ filters such as layoffs, management moves, and other organizational activities to identify candidates within companies that might be affected. 

For executives: You would be interested in people-specific Scoops


For employees: You would be interested in company Scoops

  • Click into a candidate profile of interest and see which Scoop affects them.
  • You can also view Scoops on a company’s profile. 
  • Use the Scoops information to personalize your candidate outreach when you send an email from Engage