How to Hire for a Tech Role Using Talentflows

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Your staffing agency has just finished an intake call with a client in the tech industry. Their team wants to rapidly hire several software developers. The client’s hiring manager has provided their ideal candidate profile. They would like you to find candidates with at least three years of experience working as software developers, extensive knowledge of front-end development, and a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 


  • A client has an urgent need to scale tech hires. 
  • The recruitment process has started.
  • The intake call with a tech hiring manager from a client is completed. 
  • You have a job description and are ready to start finding and engaging tech talent for your client. 


  • Using the search bar in TalentOS, enter your ideal candidate criteria. 
  • Use filters to narrow down a list of ideal candidates. 
  • Upload the list to ZoomInfo Engage and send out the first round of cold emails, then a second round to warm candidates who opened the first email, and a final attempt to interest them in the sales role. 

“With the click of a button, I can see candidates’ previous job functions, titles, and years of experience, plus their skills, and which departments they served.”

Jen Chelini
Executive Search Consultant at Leap Solutions