ZoomInfo Named a Leader in Marketing & Sales Data Report by Forrester Research

For nearly 20 years, ZoomInfo has been fueled by an unwavering belief in the power of data to transform markets, companies, and careers. 

As our founder and CEO, I’ve seen this story play out more times than I can count. Whether it’s one of the 60-plus Fortune 100 companies that trust ZoomInfo, or a single go-to-market professional who achieves life-changing success: helping our customers win is the reason we show up every day.

Today, ZoomInfo has been named a Leader by Forrester Research in The Forrester Wave™: Marketing And Sales Data Providers for B2B, Q1 2024. In particular, ZoomInfo received the top score in the Current Offering and the Strategy categories, with the highest possible score in the Market Presence category.

We believe this recognition reflects our tireless commitment to building not only the industry’s strongest data foundation, but also the innovations required to turn those data signals into actions, at scale — helping businesses of all kinds sell smarter and win faster.

Defining Data Quality

Forrester serves as a trusted guide for corporate technology buyers, with reports and recommendations that are based on rigorous research and exacting standards. We firmly believe that today’s increasingly complex and competitive business environment makes that expert guidance more important than ever.

For the 2024 Marketing And Sales Data Providers for B2B Wave, ZoomInfo scored the highest possible score in 21 of 28 criteria. 

Criteria where ZoomInfo received the highest score possible include:

  • Behavioral/intent data
  • Depth of Account Data
  • Depth of Contact Data 
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Innovation
  • Data Matching & Enrichment

The Forrester report notes, “ZoomInfo’s offering is highlighted by its depth of coverage in both firmographic (account) and demographic (contact) data, including its account hierarchy capabilities. The company also demonstrated exceptional complementary data offerings, broad integration capabilities, and built-in data management and hygiene functionality that rivals CDP vendors.” 

The report also noted that “ZoomInfo has emerged as a market leader in its compliance and security programs.” Our customers place enormous trust in us to protect and provide secure, compliant data, and we think this recognition reflects our belief that strong compliance is vital for data-driven businesses — and a crucial competitive differentiator for ZoomInfo as a company.

Building the Future of B2B Go-to-Market

We believe this recognition highlights how our investments in ZoomInfo’s platforms and products are delivering real value for businesses of every size, in every sector — for more than 35,000 customers worldwide.

As noted in ZoomInfo’s Customer Impact Report 2024, 95 percent of ZoomInfo users prefer our data to that of other providers, due to our superior demographic, firmographic, and geographic coverage. 

The reasons are clear: Sales development reps say they have cut prospecting time in half, while doubling their connect rates by using ZoomInfo. Marketers tell us they’ve grown their pipelines by 1.5X while cutting acquisition costs by more than a third. And overall, customers report that they are 64% more productive, bringing in 32% more revenue by using ZoomInfo.

With investor and customer expectations higher than ever, it’s vital for business leaders to invest in proven solutions that drive genuine ROI. That’s why the strength of our data and our commitment to rigorous standards are at the core of everything we do at ZoomInfo. 

If you’re a sales or marketing professional, the ability to successfully and predictably hit your number month-in and month-out is rife with roadblocks and systemic flaws. Territories are poorly mapped, targeting is weak, CRM data is incomplete and inaccurate. Sellers waste inordinate amounts of time researching, marketing campaigns go out to random companies at random times, and money is spent in horribly inefficient ways.

A lack of key signals and insights married to incomplete, stale, or outright inaccurate data on customers and prospects throws sand into the gears of every go-to-market motion. We are the biggest and most impactful innovator focused on solving this problem for go-to-market professionals.

It’s the reason we’re so excited to be building ZoomInfo Copilot, our AI-powered solution that unifies a company’s go-to-market data and applies generative AI to sift through the noise and identify insights sellers want. 

Even the most sophisticated generative AI technologies are only as good as the data they are built on, and I’m gratified by Forrester’s recognition that ZoomInfo is a leader in such a competitive space.

We could not be more excited to bring the kind of innovation made possible by ZoomInfo Copilot to all our customers. We’ve shown that with the best possible go-to-market data and intuitive, time-saving tools, businesses of any size can hit their number, no matter the market conditions.