ZoomInfo acquires Insent.ai to enable sales and marketing teams to engage and convert more website visitors

ZoomInfo and Insent combine to deliver intelligent chat experiences enriched by deep company and professional insights

We are at the dawn of a new era in B2B sales and marketing. In the last decade we’ve witnessed a technology revolution. The sales and marketing technology landscape has grown from just a few hundred applications to thousands—each one promising to streamline go-to-market operations, accelerate pipeline and generate revenue at scale. Most of these systems also come with the promise of automating mundane, repetitive tasks that make go-to-market teams more productive. But, many of these technologies fall short. 

Without tightly integrated, highly accurate data and timely insights, these systems are merely empty repositories that lack the intelligence to surface, prioritize, and trigger effective, personalized engagement at scale.

At ZoomInfo, we are actively executing against our vision to build a go-to-market platform that combines our best-in-class data and insights with a tightly integrated engagement layer that activates those insights as they surface. Our system facilitates real-time connection with buyers in their time of need, alerts sales teams to meaningful activity, and feeds engagement activity data back into the system for better future profiling and targeting.

Today we announce the next big step in our realization of that vision with our acquisition of conversational marketing platform Insent.ai.

Coming Soon: From the moment someone starts a conversation on your website ZoomInfo Chat will help you to have conversations with context.

Why We’re Acquiring Insent.ai

Insent.ai gives ZoomInfo customers the ability to listen to and detect interesting activity on their websites, then engage with prospective buyers through intelligent chat experiences.

Insent watches for triggers — such as visits to a particular page, scroll location on a page, or interactions with on-page elements — and launches chat bots tailored to their actions and informed by intelligence from ZoomInfo. As visitors engage in personalized conversations with a chat bot, the nature of the interaction can further inform and qualify visitors for a seamless transition to a live chat with a sales representative.

Insent benefits from ZoomInfo’s leading IP-to-Company data graph, which reveals anonymous website visitors’ company identities and enables chat sessions tailored to specific company attributes, such as name, size, industry, or news relevant to a particular business.

Without the right tools, you simply can’t expect sales reps to know every detail about your prospects and customers. Nor can you expect them to know every time someone from a target account visits your website. But ZoomInfo and Insent can continuously monitor your entire total addressable market across all territories and account lists, mine your website and first-party data for signals, and trigger automated sales and marketing workflows, plays, and alerts to create informed, serendipitous, personalized engagement.

Insight-Driven Engagement for Sales AND Marketing

Adding Insent to our portfolio is the latest step in our efforts to build an insight-driven engagement layer for B2B sales and marketing teams, a process that began with the launch of ZoomInfo Engage. Engage enables sales teams to run automated sales prospecting workflows with multiple email and phone touches. In the last three quarters, we’ve seen rapid growth and adoption of Engage, along with increasing usage and adoption of the ZoomInfo intelligence platform as the two applications in tandem create synergistic value for the customer. We expect that Insent will accelerate these trends while also offering marketers a new tool for engaging and converting more website visitors to leads.

Marketers invest millions of dollars to drive visitors to their website and create engaging onsite experiences, only to leave conversion up to whether or not a visitor fills out a web form or picks up the phone and dials.

Insent gives marketers the ability to initiate thoughtful, interactive chat experiences to engage visitors while they’re on site. By leveraging ZoomInfo’s enrichment capabilities alongside chat experiences, marketers can build complete profiles to nurture quality leads by collecting just an email address.

Website visitors can self-schedule a meeting with sales directly through a chat experience without speaking directly with a sales representative. Insent can request additional information from the visitor to further qualify the lead ahead of a meeting or prepare a sales rep for the next conversation. Chat experiences provide an additional avenue by which online visitors can get answers to their questions and resolve concerns that might prevent them from converting.

Moving Sales Conversations Up the Funnel

Insent gives prospecting sales representatives a real-time opportunity to engage with prospects and customers when your brand is top of mind. Sales teams can use it to engage with website visitors earlier in the buyer’s journey by answering questions and shaping preferences before conversion. 

Insent can also alert sales reps natively or through Slack to engage with the most qualified visitors on your site. For example, it signals when a visitor engages with a chatbot and asks questions that signal they are a legitimate buyer or if they belong to a target account. 

Insent can also alert you when a visitor exhibits through intent data that they are interested in a particular product or topic, if they score highly based on ICP criteria, or if they engage with high-value pages on your website. You can also use it to integrate with, inform, and trigger chat experiences based on mapped first-party data from your CRM and marketing automation systems.

And that opportunity extends beyond the lifetime of that visit. Leveraging the visit as a trigger event, ZoomInfo can expand the audience at an account by identifying other likely members of the buying committee and activating outreach to those professionals following a website visit by one or a number of their peers.

Shortening the Distance from Data to Dollars

The acquisition of Insent underscores our commitment to building out a tightly integrated, workflow- and insight-driven engagement layer that shortens the distance from data to dollars. It supports our strategy to identify and acquire technologies that are made better by our data. Technologies that allow sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals to activate our data through automated data-driven engagement result in higher conversion, more meetings and pipeline, and ultimately more revenue and ROI for our customers. We’re excited about what comes next on this journey.

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