Three Keys for Turning Web Traffic into Marketing Leads

Websites are foundational to most B2B lead generation strategies. This is the place where all your marketing efforts culminate, so it’s understandable that inbound web traffic is like a pile of gold for marketing teams. 

The challenge is sifting through the sand to find those gold nuggets. By that, we mean most of your organic web traffic is likely anonymous — so, short of raising their hand for a demo or downloading an ebook, you won’t know much about them, and they can bounce off your site before you’ve ever had a chance to engage.

The good news is that digital marketing tools are making it possible to shine a light on this previously unknown area of your website traffic. Below we explain how chat, ad retargeting, and real-time data enrichment can help turn anonymous website traffic into an asset that can fuel more personalized, targeted marketing campaigns.

Use Website Chat to Convert Visitors into Leads

This area of conversational marketing, which includes chatbots, live chat, and other dialogue-driven engagement, presents a powerful opportunity to be helpful, connect with visitors, and understand more about your anonymous website traffic. When someone lands on your site, a chatbot can automatically present them a timely, choose-your-own-adventure-style experience while also qualifying them based on your ideal customer profile (ICP).

To achieve this, the right chat tool will have a company-matching algorithm built in. This algorithm will quickly and accurately pinpoint the company IP address a visitor is coming from, and enrich that record with new contact information using the visitor’s email address. By doing so, chat becomes a lead generation tool that can be leveraged to target the right visitors, offer personalized experiences, and push real-time engagement so that sales can move that prospect into the fast lane.

With chat, “you are essentially switching your go-to-marketing strategy from being reactive to proactive,” says Arjun Pillai, VP of growth at ZoomInfo. Before your prospect has the opportunity to bounce away from your site, chat technology can collect the relevant details needed to convert them into a marketing lead. 

Chat is also a great way to ease up on your sales team’s workload, since chat can engage website visitors with relevant content pieces, guide general requests, and share website pages to better answer their questions automatically. Once a visitor has been qualified, the next step may be to add them to a nurture campaign or let your sales teams take the reins.

Ad Targeting Can Turn B2B Website Visitors into Customers

Retargeting strategies represent a second chance at conversion. They give you an opportunity to reach anonymous traffic that may have bounced off your site but is actually from a good-fit account searching for your product or service. One problem that has always remained with ad retargeting? The difficulty in segmenting anonymous web visitors into high-value versus low-value traffic. 

This is where ZoomInfo WebSights comes into play. By integrating with Google Analytics, WebSights helps identify your ICPs based on the audience segments you create, and feeds qualified traffic directly to Google Ads for retargeting. Once WebSights is connected with your website, your team has all the right resources to segment your audiences and move those high-value web visitors through your marketing and sales funnel.

The same method can work for account-based marketing, too. By identifying the company domains that have previously visited your site, your team can retarget the prospects you know from those domains and try to guide them down the funnel. According to ZoomInfo CEO Henry Schuck, this is “a great way to connect with exactly the right buyers at exactly the right time when they’re on your website.” 

These audience targeting capabilities can help you qualify anonymous website traffic and place you in front of leads faster. By identifying which companies are visiting your website, and syncing that data directly with CRM software, you have a complete system that illustrates the previous touchpoints within each account you care about.  

It’s all about identifying the right prospects, targeting them with the right campaigns, and engaging them at the right time through the right channels. Easy, right? With the right intelligence platform, it is. Plus, you’ll be investing your marketing resources directly toward prospects who have already shown interest.

Contact Enrichment Helps Identify B2B Website Visitors

For marketers, web forms are a bedrock way to build leads. A valid form submission can provide vital sales information, such as name, job title, company, phone number, industry and area of interest. All this data is used to qualify and route leads toward conversion. 

But when visitors on your website want to take action, like downloading an asset or requesting a meeting, the last thing they want is to be presented with a lengthy form.

According to WPForms, a leading WordPress plugin for web forms, “removing as little as one form field can boost form conversions by as much as 26 percent.” The key is finding a middle ground between gating valuable content and reducing (or even eliminating) web forms in order to optimize the lead generation process. 

ZoomInfo’s FormComplete is the perfect harmony of getting the right amount of information from your website visitors without frustrating their experience with multiple fields to complete. FormComplete allows your website prospects to enter simple amounts of data, such as an email address, which will automatically populate the remaining form fields with more complete contact data from our worldwide data intelligence platform

Not only does this allow teams to convert prospects faster but will build a strong pipeline of marketing leads, and a better visitor experience overall.

Tal Raz, a ZoomInfo VP of product growth, says that automatic form completion can “increase your conversion rates on form submissions, without reducing the quality of your leads.” When anonymous visitors land on your website, all your team needs is an email address to immediately identify the user from ZoomInfo’s database, then instantly route them toward conversion.

Gaining value from anonymous website traffic can be a tall order, especially without the right tools in place. Fortunately, modern technology solutions are helping teams connect the dots and generate quality leads faster. It’s time for you to start identifying those anonymous website visitors on your site and converting them into leads your team is excited about.