ZoomInfo Enrich and HubSpot: Make the Most of Your Data

Data-driven decisions are the backbone of any thriving sales or marketing team, shaping strategies and influencing customer and prospect communications on a daily basis. 

But without reliable data sources and solid automated processes, marketers and sales teams are left to manually dig up whatever they can find and hope that it’s accurate.

That’s where technology like the ZoomInfo Inbound Enrich integration with HubSpot comes in. 

The ZoomInfo integration provides HubSpot CRM users with the real-time data they need to get their jobs done, regardless of the data’s original source. ZoomInfo Inbound Enrich lets you combine disparate datapoints — from web forms, sales, chat conversations, list uploads, and more — with verified emails and other rich information. Leads are scored and routed instantly with real-time data syncing, and an integrated dashboard lets you monitor your entire database.  

“This is a must-have for midsize to enterprise businesses with large contact databases,” says Sam Balter, a content director at ZoomInfo. “Marketing, sales operations, demand generation, and sales teams will benefit massively from this integration.”

Enrich Inbound Contacts with the ZoomInfo Integration

With the ZoomInfo Inbound Enrich integration, marketers can add data to new inbound contacts and companies instantly. As you continue to create new inbound contacts, their information is automatically enriched by ZoomInfo.

This process improves backend data for marketing teams and instinctively removes duplicate entries from the platform, helping sales and marketing teams improve their lead scoring, routing, and segmentation efforts.

For growing marketing and sales teams, accurate, clean data helps to:

  • Reduce customer and prospect frustration.
  • Remove friction from internal marketing operations workflows.
  • Cut costs associated with contact-based pricing.
  • Improve lead scoring and routing, which in turn makes for better prospect engagement, higher quality leads, and better conversion rates across marketing and sales efforts.
  • Enable hyper-targeted segmentation efforts in marketing, sales, and advertising campaigns.
  • Maintain email integrity and avoid emailing unverified addresses, which can result in email penalties or accounts being shut down.

ZoomInfo offers two ways for HubSpot users to append and clean data — instantly, or on a regularly scheduled basis. Each option offers different benefits and can be tested, or combined, depending on the needs of your marketing and sales organizations.


Instant Enrich

Instant Enrich allows you to receive immediate insights into the contacts you care about the most by automatically enriching inbound contacts and automatically filtering non-prospects. You can also reinvigorate your current workflows (such as lead scoring and routing) with fresh, actionable data.

Scheduled Enrich

Think of Scheduled Enrich as a routine tune-up of your HubSpot database. Every two weeks, month, quarter, or other timeframe of your choice, you can schedule a routine enrichment of all of your recorded contacts and companies in the HubSpot CRM. You can also choose to use a HubSpot list to enrich specific contacts and configure the mapping of ZoomInfo data to HubSpot properties.

Multi-Vendor Enrich

Revenue teams can further enhance their enrichment strategy by building workflows that operationalize multiple data vendors. This is especially useful for go-to-market strategies that require industry-specific data from industry-niche data providers.

Ways to Use Data Enrichment to Improve Data Integrity & Efficiency

In the age of Big Data, tying trustworthy insights to inbound leads is a key component of any flourishing marketing or sales team. The keyword there is “trustworthy” — the need for accurate, actionable data has never been greater. The ZoomInfo Inbound Enrich integration provides easier access to contact information that is accurate, complete, and consistent.

The ZoomInfo integration eliminates lead conflict by supporting data-dependent workflows like:

  • Segmentation
  • Routing
  • Lead scoring

1. Boost Segmentation Efforts

With ZoomInfo’s drag and drop segment builder and advanced mapping capabilities, users can hyper-specialize their audience segmentation by technographic or firmographic data — leading to more targeted campaigns.

2. Infuse Sales Data Into New Leads & Existing Records

Automatically add new data points to contact records like company attributes, direct dials, verified emails, technographic data, and more. Use enhanced data to direct sales conversations and provide an avenue for follow-up, or add to existing data and discover a whole new segment of your audience you didn’t know you had.

3. Monitor Database Health

The ZoomInfo Enrich reporting dashboard provides a place to monitor the health of your database. When dealing with large amounts of data transfer at scale, it’s important to have a single place to quickly identify any gaps.

4. Standardize Information Across Platforms

Keep your environment consistent by standardizing data across platforms. Data-dependent workflows like lead scoring, routing, and segmentation rely on accurate data between systems and need to avoid duplicate efforts to maintain customer and prospect satisfaction.

5. Reduce Sales Follow-Up Time

Sales teams need to be given the freedom to efficiently follow up with leads, then find new qualified targets to reach out to. With faster lead routing, sales teams can decrease time to action. And automatically generated contact data eliminates manual research, leaving sales teams to connect with new prospects at the moment they’re ready to talk and focus on increasing sales. 

6. Improve Backend Data & Remove Duplicate Entries

ZoomInfo adds verified information to contact records and can help keep contact databases lean with automatic de-duplication of entries. A consistent environment helps avoid lead conflict and improves data sharing between sales and marketing teams.

To begin enriching your inbound contacts today, check out the ZoomInfo Inbound Enrich HubSpot Integration.