ZoomInfo Partners with Google Cloud to Speed Up Data Processing

For most large organizations, the real value of a cloud data warehouse isn’t simply in storing vast amounts of business data, but in how efficiently you can turn disparate data sets into timely, actionable, and accurate insights.

In a world where speed matters, bulky data processing tasks that can take weeks or months to complete, slow down the entire process and lead to missed opportunities. 

Fortunately, ZoomInfo customers who use Google BigQuery as their data warehouse will soon find themselves in the fast lane thanks to a new partnership between ZoomInfo and Google Cloud.

The new partnership will allow data analytics, business intelligence, and revenue operations teams to seamlessly pull ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data intelligence into BigQuery’s server-less, highly scalable, cost-effective multi-cloud data warehouse, making data accessible as soon as it’s delivered. 

“Enabling customers to gain superior insights and intelligence from data is core to the ZoomInfo strategy,” ZoomInfo CEO Henry Schuck says. “We are excited about the innovation Google Cloud is bringing to market and how it is creating a differentiated ecosystem that allows customers to gain insights from their data securely, at scale, and without having to move data around.”

Cloud Cover

Just under half of all enterprise data is currently stored in the cloud — a trend that will only accelerate in the coming years. 

As data continues to pour in from multiple sources with increasing volume and speed, large organizations turn to Google BigQuery to keep their data in one centralized, accessible location for analysis in a way that’s both cost-effective and adaptable. 

While Google BigQuery alleviates data infrastructure and workload challenges through a fully managed, serverless data warehouse with built-in analytics and data integration, the issue of incomplete, incorrect, and inconsistent customer data requires a comprehensive B2B data acquisition, cleansing, and enrichment solution. 

That’s where ZoomInfo comes in. 

The Right Information at the Right Time, in the Right Format

Corporate data grows by 40% annually while approximately 30% of people change jobs each year. This means that even the best, most accurate data today will inevitably decay and become less accurate tomorrow. 

Using ZoomInfo’s Data as a Service (DaaS) capabilities to complete, enhance, and enrich their data, enterprises can generate faster, more accurate insights into their most pressing revenue challenges, including expanding total addressable markets, finding lookalike accounts, and running advanced modeling and predictive analytics. 

The results: more productive sales leads and marketing campaigns, and a larger return on investment through improved territory management, lead scoring, routing, segmentation, and personalization. What’s more, your database gets enriched regularly to keep data decay at bay.

Better, Together  

Ironically, the depth and breadth of data can often limit the scope of what data leaders can do because so much of their time is spent on parsing out the data. 

By partnering with Google Cloud, ZoomInfo is helping customers access data in whatever format they’re already using — freeing teams to think about what’s possible instead of just wondering what they have time for.