ZoomInfo & Google Cloud: Pioneering AI-Enhanced Data Solutions for Business

Launched in 2022, ZoomInfo’s partnership with Google Cloud allows teams to access rich, engagement-ready data in the flexible, powerful environments they use every day.

Customers can subscribe to ZoomInfo’s data through Google’s Analytics Hub and use it to enrich their existing first-party customer data in BigQuery to create a reliable data foundation. This integration fuels improved decision-making, deeper customer insights, lower costs, and better bottom-line results. 

At a recent discussion in Seattle, Calen Holbrooks, Vice President of Marketing at ZoomInfo, and Philip Zelitchenko, Vice President of Data and Analytics at ZoomInfo, sat down with Brian Welcker, Director of Product Management at Google Cloud, to discuss the latest ways go-to-market teams are leveraging high-quality data and cloud infrastructure. 

The bottom line: ZoomInfo and Google’s partnership allows sales, marketing and operations professionals to deliver the speed, personalization, and scale that buyers demand. 

Advanced Segmentation

Many companies today target by industry or segment — potentially leaving parts of their market untapped. ZoomInfo customers, however, have seen considerable success turning technographic data into automated go-to-market plays.

“Today it’s expected that you’re hyper-relevant and targeted, and understand not only who your customer is, but when they’re ready to buy, what they’re ready to buy, and where,” Holbrooks said.

Knowing when a company has installed new technology, for instance, allows sales teams to run more personalized plays, targeting accounts that have recently added a tool that your service integrates with.

With high-quality data in their arsenal, GTM teams can gain a much deeper understanding of any prospect or customer, allowing them to run advanced segmentation plays against a number of important factors: 

  • Company size
  • Company growth
  • New C-level hires
  • New investment funding 

Customers have also been leveraging ZoomInfo to highlight valuable areas where they can expand either their customer base or their product footprint, Holbrooks said. 

“I can’t tell you how many times, as a marketer, sales has come to me and said, `I need to know where the white space is within my account. Who do I go after?’” she said. “And it’s really hard to know that when you’re just looking at your CRM, because you’ve only got your view of the world.”

Fueling Generative AI With Quality Data

Google, Welcker noted, has a long record of investing in generative AI. Today, the company sees intense excitement about using the tools to generate personalized sales and marketing outreach messages — use cases that absolutely require accurate, timely data. 

“With generative AI, the magic is in the prompt that tells the model what to generate. But you really need to ground that in the customer reality — and that’s where the data comes in,” Welcker said. “The foundation models can only do so much. They’re going to generate generic responses, so you really need to bring your data to get effective use of GenAI.” 

Sales Management and Account Health

“In a perfect world, we’d all want our C-suite sitting in a room with a customer and listening and understanding the feedback that we’re bringing in,” Zelitchenko said. 

Since that isn’t possible, decision-makers need to know what’s going on with the account quickly — without necessarily sitting in the room. 

“So how do we enable that? How do we enable VPs of sales to help their teams get better at what they do?” he asked.

With tools like ZoomInfo’s Chorus conversation intelligence software, leaders can rely on GenAI-powered meeting summaries to distill key insights, actionable takeaways, and important trends across hundreds of individual account interactions. 

That allows leadership to quickly spot gaps in account support, upsell opportunities, and other high-value areas that may have previously languished until quarterly reviews with major accounts. 

It’s one use case of many that ZoomInfo is using to ensure sellers, CSMs, and their leaders aren’t wasting precious time on pulling and moving data. 

“We want to make sure that they’re getting all the data necessary — in a proper format — for them to focus on frontline practitioner work,” Zelitchenko said.  

Not Just Data-Driven — Insights-Driven.

Combined with Google’s advanced AI and cloud computing technologies, ZoomInfo’s comprehensive data and insights can deliver unmatched business efficiency for customers across any industry or vertical.

It’s one of the many reasons 35,000+ businesses worldwide trust ZoomInfo to help them unlock insights, engage customers, and win faster.  

Learn more about Google Cloud’s Data Analytics platform and ZoomInfo’s cloud solutions today.