Create a lead-scoring algorithm

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If a company generates hundreds or thousands of leads per month, trying to determine which leads are high quality and how to route them can be time-consuming, especially if you rely too much on “gut feel.”

Instead, use a lead-scoring algorithm that analyzes win rates against data points from ideal customer profiles (ICPs). For example, imagine you have 100 qualified leads from a product webinar. Historically, your strongest win rates come from mid-sized companies in manufacturing, with at least 500 employees, use Salesforce, and own at least five trucks. Use these five attributes to create a lead-scoring algorithm to rank the webinar leads. Now you can route the highest-quality leads to your top-performing account reps while automating interaction with the lower-quality leads.


• A lead or demo comes in that needs to be scored

• Sales leaders need to know where to route leads


  • Develop lead scoring algorithms based on ICP attributes and technographics
  • Route the highest-quality leads to top AEs
  • Send low-scoring leads to outbound demand generation campaigns

“In a way that’s as automated as possible, I want to get my best people on the best leads, and the scoring model tells me which leads are best.”

Chris Hays, Chief Revenue Officer at ZoomInfo