ZoomInfo, AWS Partner to Improve Go-to-Market Data Delivery

Data and operations teams spend a considerable amount of time manually collecting and cleaning information. But thanks to ZoomInfo’s new partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), things are quickly changing. 

ZoomInfo customers who use AWS can now receive ZoomInfo’s industry-leading B2B data directly in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), significantly improving data quality while eliminating the time-consuming process of cleaning datasets by hand.

“With ZoomInfo enabling Amazon S3 automation, we now receive ZoomInfo’s updated and enriched data every three hours. This eliminates a number of our operational burdens since ZoomInfo created a tailored automation workflow that met our specific needs,” says Thomas Mandell, senior director of data services at Bluewhale Research, a leading B2B research, marketing services, and lead generation company.

Eliminate Manual Data Ingestion, Expand Your Customer View

A successful go-to-market strategy is built on data, fueling everything from defining total addressable markets and prioritizing accounts, to territory assignments and connecting with the best prospects. 

For many teams, managing data quality remains an obstacle that demands significant staff time. According to Anaconda’s 2021 State of Data Science survey, nearly 40% of data scientists’ work is focused on collecting and cleaning data — what was accurate one minute might be outdated the next, making it difficult to maintain a comprehensive view of every company.

ZoomInfo is tackling this conundrum with a solution that delivers clean, updated, and enriched data in your team’s most popular tools and platforms. ZoomInfo also helps eliminate data decay by automatically pushing recurring data updates through to AWS.

By integrating ZoomInfo’s data, enrichment, and modeling services into the AWS ecosystem, companies can build a reliable go-to-market data foundation. With robust privacy and security controls in place, users can leverage prebuilt datasets or collaborate with ZoomInfo’s Data Services team to create custom datasets that meet specific needs and deliver that directly into their AWS instance.

“This integration has the potential to save a lot of companies meaningful time, effort, and money,” says Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo founder and CEO.

To help their business grow, data teams need embedded data enrichment services that can help identify new markets and expand customer profiles. With AWS, ZoomInfo helps B2B teams focus on what matters most: Fast, accurate insights that make going to market easier and more profitable.