ZoomInfo Data Passport: Privacy-First, Expanded in Europe

Take a trip with us for a moment.

Imagine you’re gliding across the European landscape by rail, enjoying picturesque views on your way to explore some beautiful quaint village. 

What’s the one item most critical to this successful trip? Yep, you guessed it: your passport.

For sales or marketing professionals, planning go-to-market efforts in Europe and the UK without reliable B2B contact data and software solutions is like traveling without a passport: You’ll spend a lot of time and money, but you won’t get very far.

You need accurate, up-to-date, and privacy-compliant business data to successfully engage buyers across continents. You’ll also want guidance about how to ensure compliance, streamline prospecting, and engage with new customers.

That’s why we created the ZoomInfo Data Passport.

The Best Go-to-Market Data for Global Business

The ZoomInfo Data Passport offers the most accurate business contact data, tailored to specific regions across the globe. We’re committed to delivering sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals the data and tools they need for go-to-market efforts anywhere in the world. 

We continue to expand our global database of critical B2B data, to ensure that ZoomInfo’s platform goes beyond what local vendors can offer. And we provide industry-leading data privacy measures so you can rest easy about compliance.

Expanded Data for European Prospecting

ZoomInfo currently serves over 2,500 customers in Europe and the UK. They trust our business intelligence, data, and tools to run successful GTM motions in their local markets or across borders. We’ve improved our data coverage and quality for European companies and professionals, representing nearly every business with more than 100 employees across the continent. 

ZoomInfo Data Passport Europe offers:

  • More than 10.6  million company records
  • More than 39.5 million professional contact records
  • More than 3.9  million mobile numbers

In addition to Europe and the UK, we continue to expand and refine our datasets to improve data quality and coverage around the world.

Enhanced Insights and Data Cleansing Capabilities

At ZoomInfo, we pair our accurate and extensive international database with sophisticated tools to bring insights together, including intent data, sales engagement, website chat, conversation intelligence, and automated workflows.

Simply put, we beat local data vendors across the board when it comes to the quality and coverage of B2B data. We employ a team of more than 400 data researchers, analysts, engineers, and scientists, who gather information and verify insights to ensure that our data is complete and current.

The Stone Group, a UK-based information and technology communications provider, is a great example of our Data Passport in action. In just six months, the company increased its UK customer base by 10 percent since adding our comprehensive B2B contact data to its toolkit. That’s a huge accomplishment that will drive more revenue for the company — thanks to better data.

Go-to-Market with Confidence and Privacy Compliance

Privacy compliance remains a top concern for companies and consumers. Any company conducting business in the European Union (EU) must comply with the rules and regulations laid out by the GDPR and European marketing laws — or risk facing hefty fines. 

As a quick refresher, the GDPR was created to provide individuals with more control over their personal data and to ensure that it is adequately protected when it is collected, stored, and processed by businesses. In addition to the GDPR, the European marketing laws limit how marketers can use data to launch campaigns depending on the regions in which their audiences live.

It’s important to invest in a data provider that is compliant with the regions in which you conduct business. ZoomInfo’s products align with local legislation by implementing measures that meet or exceed legal mandates, including extensive data encryption and proactive notifications and alerts. 

Here are some of the core privacy compliance features included in all ZoomInfo subscriptions:

  • ZoomInfo’s opt-out list
  • Master Suppression
  • “Do Not Call” toggle feature
  • Admin-defined datasheet
  • Notice provided date

The Global Data Passport also includes an option to redact email addresses and phone numbers from EU Contact records, while still allowing access to important information like office location, title, web references, org charts, and employment and education history. By redacting contact information, the risk of contacting a person who does not wish to be contacted is diminished.

As a “privacy first” company, we’re transparent about how and what types of data we collect. For more information about our privacy compliance policies, check out the Privacy Center.

Go Global with Data You Can Rely On

If you’re looking to expand internationally — or already running global sales plays — ZoomInfo can help. Our customers get unmatched international data quality, depth, and coverage, coupled with our obsessive commitment to data privacy.

You wouldn’t travel to a foreign country without your passport. As you plan your next business journey, count on ZoomInfo Data Passport to give you more accessible and faster entry into new markets.

Don’t forget to send us a postcard. Or better yet, bring ZoomInfo along for the ride.