Take a trip with us for a moment.

Imagine you’re gliding across the European countryside by rail, enjoying the picturesque views as you head off to explore some beautifully quaint village. 

What’s the one item most critical to a successful trip? Yep, you guessed it: your passport.

For sales or marketing professionals, planning go-to-market efforts in Europe without reliable data and modern software is like traveling without a passport: You’ll spend a lot of time and money, but you won’t get too far.

If you’re trying to engage buyers across a continent, you’re going to need reliable, up-to-date, privacy-compliant business data. You’ll also want some guidance about how to gain access, ensure compliance, and streamline prospecting across the globe.

That’s why we created the ZoomInfo Data Passport.

The Best Go-to-Market Data for Global Business

The ZoomInfo Data Passport offers sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals access to best-in-class business contact data tailored to specific regions, supporting go-to-market strategies across Europe and around the globe.

We’ve worked hard this year expanding our global database of critical business information, ensuring ZoomInfo goes beyond what local vendors offer. And we provide industry-leading data privacy measures so you can rest easier about compliance.

It’s another example of our commitment to ensuring that revenue teams have the data and tools that modern go-to-market efforts require — anywhere in the world.

Expanded Data for European Prospecting

While ZoomInfo’s data is expanding worldwide, we already have more than 1,000 customers in Europe who trust ZoomInfo for business intelligence. 

Over the last year, we’ve improved our data coverage and quality for European companies and professionals, representing nearly every business with more than 100 employees across Europe. 

ZoomInfo Data Passport Europe now offers:

  • More than 8.4 million company records (78 percent growth year-over-year)
  • More than 23.9 million professional contact records (81 percent growth year-over-year)
  • More than 2.9 million mobile numbers (more than 300 percent growth year-over-year)

Customers can customize their data access to target European markets, markets outside of Europe, or the entire globe. Upgrades to a broader dataset are available anytime, and we’re planning several new enhancements in the coming months, including heavy investment in our Asia-Pacific regional dataset. 

Enhanced Insights and Data Cleansing Capabilities 

We pair our company and contact data with best-in-class tools that bring insights together and save time across your organization, including intent data, website chat, conversation intelligence, and automated workflows.

Simply put, we now beat local data vendors in Europe when it comes to quality and coverage.

The Stone Group, a UK-based information and technology communications provider, is a great example of our solutions in action. The company added ZoomInfo to its go-to-market toolkit in March, and in just six months increased its UK customer base by 10 percent

That’s a huge accomplishment that will drive more revenue for the company — thanks to better data.

Go to Market with Confidence and GDPR Compliance

Companies that haven’t done business in Europe may be hesitant to enter the market or trust a data provider because of the General Data Privacy Regulation, or GDPR. This law enacts strict regulations on any company collecting personal information about customers in the European Union. 

Other countries outside of the EU, including the UK, are now following suit.

Regardless of which country you’re doing business in, ZoomInfo’s products comply with local legislation by enacting measures that often go beyond legal mandates, including extensive data encryption and proactive notifications and alerts. 

As a “privacy first” company, we’re transparent about the information we anonymize and the types of data we collect. We also make it easy for people to opt out of our platform if they don’t want their information listed. 

Go Global with Data You Can Rely On

If you’re expanding globally — or if you already work with global customers — ZoomInfo can help you reach your next buyer at the right time with the right approach. ZoomInfo customers get unmatched data quality, depth, and coverage with an obsessive commitment to data privacy.

You wouldn’t fly into a country without the proper travel documents. As your business plans its next journey, count on our Data Passport to give you easier, faster entry into new markets.

Don’t forget to send us a postcard. Or better yet, bring ZoomInfo along for the ride