15+ Helpful YouTube Channels for HR and Recruiting Professionals

With the abundance of information available online, you can learn new skills and broaden your knowledge with a simple Google search. Think about it, how many times have you found yourself stuck on a work task and turned to the internet for assistance? If you’re like most of us, the answer is a lot.

Now that YouTube is as ubiquitous as Google—business professionals have an additional resource for development and success. If you have yet to use YouTube in your professional life, this blog post is for you.

Here we share our top 17 YouTube channels for HR and Recruiting personnel.

1.    RecruitingBlogs

The Recruiting Blogs YouTube Channel offers a comprehensive library of content including relevant news, tools, webinars, and conversations from the RecruitingDaily and RecruitingBlogs team.

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2.    My HRCareers Community

MyHRcareers is a UK-wide community connecting aspiring and inspiring HR professionals for networking & CPD. They’re about social learning and pushing one another to think outside the box about HR’s impact and value, as well as the roles within it.

They host regular networking parties in London and Manchester where inspirational HR leaders share their latest thoughts, hopes, and challenges for the profession, as well as great career advice. This YouTube channel is dedicated to those talks so that anyone can keep up to date and join the debate!

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3.    Betts Recruiting

According to Betts Recruiting, they partner with the fastest growing and most innovative tech startups in the US and Europe. They personally match all of their candidates and specialize in recruiting for revenue generating roles, such as sales, marketing, customer success, and business development. With their approach, Betts not only provides their clients with top talent, but more importantly the right people to help scale any business.

The Betts Recruiting YouTube channel is one of the more entertaining ones, featuring content such as Recruiters Reading Bad Resumes. Check it out.

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4.    HR Whiplash!

The HR Whiplash show notes read as follows: “Managing your employees effectively and keeping positions filled is a serious responsibility, and that is what this channel is all about. At HR Whiplash!, our goal is to explore the heart-of-house experience that is Human Resources Management in every industry, but we will also tackle many other aspects of working in management, including self-development and the psychology behind leading teams large and small!”

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5.    Recruiting Innovation

Recruiting Innovation is “on a mission to make tech recruiting suck less by teaching recruiters about the technical roles they recruit for”. Check out the Recruiting Innovation YouTube channel for snippets of their online training classes.

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6.    HR.com

Self-described as your human resources community for knowledge, expertise, and resources, the HR.com YouTube channel offers a variety of videos for HR and recruitment professionals.

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7.    Peak Sales Recruiting

Featuring videos such as, What it Takes to Really Attract Top Talent and 4 Reasons a Diverse Team Will Boost Revenue, the Peak Sales Recruiting YouTube Channel offers actionable videos to elevate your sales recruiting strategy.

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8.    Shane McCusker

Shane McCusker publishes videos about social media in recruitment, LinkedIn, boolean strings, and social recruiting. He also specializes in recruitment software and how to leverage it to make more placements.

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9.    TechnologyAdvice

TechnologyAdvice is a resource for both buyers and sellers of business technology. By advising and educating buyers on the best technology for their needs, this company helps them to improve their business and simplify their operations.

TechnologyAdvice also helps vendors connect with their ideal audience and grow their customer base. Their site features hundreds of user reviews, original market research, product videos, and other unbiased resources to simplify the technology buying process.

Their YouTube channel reflects the values and interests of their company.

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10. Select International

The show notes for Select International read as follows, “Welcome to Select’s YouTube channel! We design and implement employee assessments to help the best organizations around the world identify, select and develop the best talent possible. Select International offers a wide variety of customized assessments from entry-level to executive positions. And, we help organizations discover top talent using cutting-edge assessment tools and solutions. Here you can watch our weekly HR tips as well as client testimonials and product overviews.”

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11. College Recruiter

College Recruiter helps graduates find entry-level jobs and current students find internships. This company is the leading niche job board for searching for internships, entry-level jobs, and other career opportunities.

CollegeRecruiter.com features over 100,000 internship and entry-level job postings, and 25,000 pages of articles, Ask the Experts Q&A, blogs, videos, and more.

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12. SHRM

According to their channel notes, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) takes the lead on all things related to work. For almost seven decades, SHRM has served HR professionals, advanced HR management, and played a role in making work better.

They share videos about HR research, SHRM conferences, advocacy and thought leadership, and conversations about critical workplace issues, such as sexual harassment, skills gap, and immigration.

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13. BLR

The BLR YouTube channel description reads as follows, “Welcome to BLR. We help U.S. businesses simplify compliance with state and federal legal requirements, and we help them become more successful. On our video channel, you’ll find videos by our content experts, providing you with the information you need to stay in compliance and succeed in your job.”

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14. Ideal

Ideal empowers talent acquisition teams to make data-backed, high-volume hiring decisions using artificial intelligence. Their goal is to maximize the quality of hire and improve recruiter efficiency. Their YouTube channel features content related to their expertise.

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15. Glassdoor for Employers

This YouTube channel focuses on brand, influence, and hiring. Glassdoor is the most trusted and transparent place for candidates to search for jobs and research companies.

Glassdoor helps employers across all industries and sizes advertise jobs and promote their employer brand to the most informed candidates—at the moment that they’re making decisions. This results in better applicant quality, at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional job boards and other recruitment channels.

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16. SocialTalent

SocialTalent describes themselves as “… a complete learning platform that focuses on changing and sustaining productive behavior. We combine analytics, expert content, nudges and reward software, to measure, change and reward teams’ learning and work behaviors and drive real results in their businesses.”

“With over 2,500 bite-sized videos of expert content with insights from industry experts, followed by personalized nudges to keep learners on the right track, SocialTalent transforms the way teams learn and work day-to-day. Customers decide what their own success looks like and we help create customized learning paths to give them the tools to get there.”

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17. TheStaffingCircle

TheStaffingCircle is the best YouTube channel for information about US staffing, IT recruiting, sourcing, CV writing, and much more. Check it out.

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Wrapping Up: YouTube Channels for Recruiters

The YouTube channels mentioned in this blog post are only a fraction of the resources available to modern recruiters. We recommend you take a look for yourself. You might be surprised at what you discover. Or, check out some other recent articles for recruiters:

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