ZoomInfo Copilot: Data-Driven AI That Works for GTM

Update: ZoomInfo Copilot is Live!

Your team can start selling smarter and winning faster today with Copilot

Check out ZoomInfo founder and CEO Henry Schuck’s announcement post, detailing the vision and features that make Copilot a game-changing AI solution for today’s go-to-market teams. 
And dive into stories of how Copilot users have transformed their prospecting playbooks with intelligent account summaries, personalized email outreach, and real-time prospecting alerts that keep them ahead of the competition.

AI tools are revolutionizing modern go-to-market teams, transforming the way they work with unmatched efficiency and seamless automation. The timing couldn’t be better — especially for sales teams.

Today’s sales reps face an increasingly challenging environment, battered by changing buyer preferences, unpredictable hiring cycles, and longer sales processes. Despite these pressures, sellers are still expected to achieve aggressive revenue targets — according to research by Salesforce, 82% of sales reps say that they’re had to adapt quickly to new ways of selling and 69% agree that their job is harder than ever.

The harsh reality behind it all: Frontline sellers spend too much time on low-value, administrative activities. Bloated tech stacks, disjointed sales signals, and a lack of clear guidance make it too difficult for reps to identify a clear path to close. The result is sellers simply don’t spend enough time selling.

Luckily, AI can help.

Introducing ZoomInfo Copilot

Imagine if your sales team could log into a single platform to receive a prioritized and personalized list of target accounts. No more manual researching, data logging, or guessing which accounts are ready to buy. Instead, intuitive outreach identifies the accounts that are in-market and launches a series of coordinated plays to target that account. 

Our newest innovation, ZoomInfo Copilot, turns this vision into reality.

ZoomInfo Copilot is the AI-powered solution that turns every seller into your best seller. It unifies a company’s go-to-market (GTM) data — including first-party CRM data and ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data — and applies generative AI to sift through the noise and identify insights sellers want. 

With ZoomInfo Copilot, salespeople get powerful AI-guided recommendations about who to contact, when to engage them, and even what to say across every channel. It gives your GTM teams an unfair advantage so they can focus on the best accounts, spend more time selling, and get to buyers faster.

The results? Sales teams spend less time searching for and assembling information, and more time focusing on the right companies, at the right time, ultimately getting in front of buying committees faster and with greater confidence. 

Trusting your company’s revenue roadmap to an AI-powered solution is no small decision. That’s why ZoomInfo Copilot is:

  • Built on our trust & privacy-first data stack
  • Using a combination of machine learning and our own LLMs
  • Partnering with leading GenAI vendors like Anthropic 

“We are excited to partner with ZoomInfo to develop AI tools that help sales and marketing professionals be more effective,” said Daniela Amodei, Co-Founder and President of Anthropic. “ZoomInfo has been an early mover in this space, working closely with Anthropic since we first announced Claude. It’s gratifying to see the team integrate safe, state-of-the-art AI systems into everything they do. The combination of Anthropic’s AI expertise and ZoomInfo’s B2B data and buying signals will help businesses engage customers faster and more efficiently than ever.”

Sellers will also receive proactive notifications based on key account signals and recommended actions to take with their target accounts. These in-market accounts are ranked, scored, and delivered to everyday tools like Slack and email, so reps can review their opportunities before logging into ZoomInfo for the day.

Generative AI Powered by the Best B2B Data

ZoomInfo Copilot is fueled by the same unparalleled data that our customers know and love. And just as we constantly update and improve our data assets, we’ve built a machine learning feedback loop that will make the AI in our ZoomInfo Copilot smarter and more efficient at generating high-quality content as time goes on. Plus, our engineering teams monitor and improve ZoomInfo Copilot on a daily basis. This team has been doing model optimization for years with existing ZoomInfo features, like Intent.

High-quality data is a critical, yet too often overlooked, element of generative AI tools. When a generative AI tool’s foundation is built on flawed data, the damage to your work isn’t just incremental — it’s exponential.

Consider a simple email outreach campaign. Today, if a sales rep mistakenly sends an email to a buying committee with the wrong company name pasted into the message, it’s a major error — but at least it only happens once. 

Now imagine if a generative AI assistant, working with outdated, error-filled, human-sourced CRM data spun up an entire sequence of error-filled outreach emails to the top 100 customers in your ICP — a task that could take just minutes to execute, but result in incalculable damage.

Without accurate data, generative AI can weaponize routine errors much faster than humans can spot and correct them. But with an accurate, trusted, tested data foundation, go-to-market teams can implement AI assistants with confidence.

Welcome to the Future of Go-to-Market

ZoomInfo Copilot signals a new era for go-to-market teams. That’s why we’re taking this challenge very seriously — any company can integrate one of the dozens of potential AI vendors into their tools today, and check a box for PR purposes.

But at ZoomInfo, we know that sustainable, profitable, efficient growth is built on a foundation of accuracy, accountability, and innovation. 

Our 35,000+ customers, from the smallest local businesses to Fortune 500 innovators, trust us to help them grow in ways they never thought possible. We’re thrilled to be building ZoomInfo Copilot with them today, and we’re eager to share their success with the world very soon.