Use intent data to pinpoint prospects

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Prospect firmographics and technographics help you identify who’s a good fit for your solution — but intent data helps you target the right prospects at the right time. Intent data casts a broad net across the internet to gather top-of-funnel signals about issues, solutions, technologies, and vendors that buyers research before making a purchase.

Using ZoomInfo, you can select intent topics related to your business and monitor when a specific account, or a set of accounts, conducts high levels of research. Intent data gives your sales teams a leg up on the competition through early visibility to developing opportunities.


  • Spiking intent detected on criteria or set of topics related to your business


  • Use filter criteria to identify the likely buyers at the spiking account
  • Export likely buyer records to sales automation system
  • Divide into sequences based on each topic
  • Assign to the appropriate reps and send on their behalf