What’s New: WebSights, TalentOS UI, ReachOut, and GIF ads

To close out the year, we’ve got several updates across our platforms including new features within ZoomInfo Sales, ZoomInfo Talent, and ZoomInfo Marketing. 

ZoomInfo Sales

Several WebSights feature updates have hit our ZoomInfo Sales platform. Our new Spiking feature shows you which companies are visiting your website most frequently. Now you can identify meaningful traffic without toggling between systems, create more targeted go-to-market motions, and set up alerts when a company’s interest spikes.

Salesforce filtering for WebSights is also now available in the ZoomInfo Sales advanced search menu. Filtering lets you easily include or exclude account owners within your book of business, allowing you to surface website visitor matches to your buying committee at specific accounts.

ZoomInfo Talent

We’ve also made updates to several features within ZoomInfo Talent.

We’ve improved the ZoomInfo Talent user interface to make your search for talent even easier. Recruiters can now expand and collapse all filters, search for select filters, and view the search category when scrolling through each filter.

The new Favorite Search Filter allows recruiters to save certain search criteria so they can organize, manage, and select the filters they use the most, all in one view. 

One more improvement: ReachOut can now be installed with in-app ads targeted toward customers — without needing to install the ReachOut extension. Users can also dismiss ads they don’t want to see within this feature. 

ZoomInfo Marketing

Our ZoomInfo Marketing platform now supports GIFs in ZoomInfo Ad Sets, allowing you to bring more personality to your ads with animated images. This function can be found in the Advertising tab under Ad sets.

That’s a wrap for our 2022 updates. You can see all the previous feature updates and improvements in our What’s New at ZoomInfo video series.