Building The World’s Best Firmographic Data Foundation

The foundation for most successful go-to-market teams is data — but not just any data will do. B2B sales and marketing teams need reliable firmographic profiles of their target accounts that will stay up-to-date amid the rapid pace of change in business.

Sourcing a continuous stream of reliable business data isn’t a straightforward process. Data teams continue to struggle with outdated records and fragmented systems that, at best, result in unpredictable sales outcomes. Additionally, the business environment is changing rapidly, which requires a continuous approach to processing and collecting company data. Today’s leaders need systems built with a solid foundation of data and intelligence

Components of Foundational Company Data

The best firmographic data will provide all types of company intelligence, including industry classification structures, employee headcount, annual revenue, corporate hierarchy, news alerts, and intent. But some of these are easier to come by than others. 

For example, profile information is readily available online for any large, public company with a significant web presence. But that’s not the case for small businesses, or for behind-the-scenes data like the ownership and operational structures of global companies. That’s because businesses change faster today than almost any other time in history — people change positions, companies expand and grow, new businesses start and others close.

Consider the problems most data leaders face today when it comes to firmographic data:

  • Accurate and comprehensive SMB data: A whopping 99.9% of U.S. businesses are small businesses with fewer than 500 people. This includes everything from mom-and-pop stores to small companies and startups, which makes tracking accurate information about their characteristics a difficult task for most sales and marketing teams to do alone.  
  • Deep corporate hierarchy data: Larger companies often have complex structures with ultimate parents, global parents, immediate parents, headquarters, subsidiaries, and so on. For example, Alphabet owns Google which owns Looker.
  • Comprehensive company location data: Larger organizations are spread across the world, with multiple locations. For example, ZoomInfo Waltham is different from ZoomInfo Vancouver. This means nuanced opportunities to sell to individual business entities at the local level, to run location-level analytics including risk or credit models, to map territories accurately, and to run direct marketing campaigns.

Don’t Choose Between Accuracy And Coverage — Get Both

When looking for third-party firmographic data, teams often face a choice between accurate data on a small segment of the market or the broad coverage they need, but with a low degree of accuracy.

ZoomInfo customers get both firmographic accuracy and coverage, with more than 100 million companies and 30 million non-headquarters locations, covering the full spectrum of firmographic data from enterprises down to SMBs, extensive company location data, and corporate hierarchy data. As a result, ZoomInfo customers see a 100% fill rate on important segmentation metrics: industry classification (including NAICS, SIC), revenue and employee headcount, and can expect to see more data with its resulting attributes inside the platform over time.


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A Better Way to Maintain Business Profiles

Our product and engineering teams have also invested in re-architecting the entire company pipeline from the ground up, driving further innovation and improvements: 

More and improved data models for better attribute prediction: Our new pipeline incorporates artificial intelligence-driven attribute prediction into your company pipeline, particularly in the Super 6 core firmographic attributes (company name, address, website URL, industry, revenue, and employee count) leading to near 100% fill rates for industry classifications, revenue, and employee counts.

Additional data sources: The new data pipeline enables a 30% increase in the number of data sources, ultimately improving the data quality and breadth, and making access to more data easier for customers. 

An increase in velocity and scalability of data collection: With the ability to redesign the data pipeline with features like parallel processing of multiple jobs and faster reprofiling, ZoomInfo customers have instant access to better data. 

Improved traceability of pipeline data: With an improved attribute selection and entity merge, the new pipeline improves data traceability, which increases coverage and data completeness. This allows for faster updates and higher-quality data. 

Data + Process: A Solid Foundation of Firmographics

By layering together a robust data foundation with an innovative method to maintain the accuracy of that data over time, ZoomInfo has built the world’s best foundation of firmographic data. Customers will see several immediate improvements, including:

Enhanced Firmographic Coverage and Match Rates

With improved coverage and accuracy, customers will begin to see higher match and fill rates. They can expect an increase in company data coverage, with 2.5 times more data available to ZoomInfo apps, two to three times more location level data and four times more SMB data. Other improvements include:

  • New company data attributes 
  • Location-level firmographics, including separate HQ location listings
  • Deeper and richer corporate hierarchy data

Better Segmentation with Improved Coverage of Attributes

With more than 200 firmographic attributes available at the company level and location level, ZoomInfo apps can tap into more data points to run better segmentation and targeting by leveraging everything from detailed industry codes to location details. Improved data completeness with 100% fill rates on core account attributes ensures there are no missed opportunities for your go-to-market team. 

More Contacts Come Online with Better Company Mapping

More than 3.5 million contacts have been published in ZoomInfo. We can also expect to see better contact-to-company mapping with further granularity available in the company dataset. For example, distinguishing between Harvard Medical School vs. Harvard University.

Identify Accurate Prospects Using More Technographics

Customers can optimize targeting with an expanded list of accurate technographic data to more than 300 million tech-to-company pairings, helping identify best-fit target accounts, improve sales productivity, and increase win rates through personalized messaging.

ZoomInfo: The Most Comprehensive B2B Intelligence Platform

As a proven leader in the data industry, ZoomInfo continues to push boundaries. We’ve created an end-to-end, integrated data solution that continuously delivers the world’s best company, contact, intent, and technographic data — all uniquely purpose-built for go-to-market success. 
See for yourself.